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You're probably enjoying the warm weather, right now? Basking in the heatwave in the UK and wondering if global warming is maybe not such a bad thing? Well, it's not such a bad thing if you're by the sea in August BUT in the mountains in January it sucks.

So will it be an epic snowfall in the Alps or a dry season?  If you're in the mountains right now, measure the height of the gentian flowers. Or you could burn your ski kit as a sacrifice to the snow gods but, then, doh, that would only increase global warming. Check out the folklore and the more scientific meteorological signs for snow, next winter, in our Snow Forecast for the Alps Winter 2019.

There's been plenty happening in Serre Chavelier, this month - old lifts taken out, new ones going in and plans for La Folie Douce to build a 1000 bed hotel complex right across the road from Style Altitude HQ. We're not quite sure whether to dance on the table with glee or invest in triple glazing.

Meanwhile bikes (pedal, electric and motor) are currently out in force. Check out our Tour Guide for summer cycling including Col Reserves when the cols are closed to all traffic except bikes.

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Snow Forecast

View detailed snow forecast for Serre Chevalier at: