Style Altitude is the skiing, snowboarding and snowsports INDEPENDENT online magazine that features all aspects of adrenaline style for riders at altitude. It is created by a team with a passion for the mountains - an Editor who skis, snowboards and is a former top stylist, a Co-Editor who's a four-time Seasonaire, blogger, digital content and snowsports style writer; and a Tech Editor who exchanged high-powered Fleet Street for high powder in Les Hautes-Alpes.

With contributions from pros and influencial friends in high places, STYLE ALTITUDE is fresh with original concepts and unique commentary unlike any other ski and snowboard magazine. Whether you ride for one week a year or the whole season. Ski or snowboard. Do prestine groomed pistes or backcountry gnar. You can be 16 or 60. A seasonaire or a geezonaire. It's all about doing it in STYLE at ALTITUDE. This is the online ski and snowboard site with an edge - or two.


Former fashion editor/ director of Evening Standard, W Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Tatler. Gone over to the cool side - that is the high life as in mountains rather than 5th Floor Harvey Nicks. I'd now rather splurge on an ABS bag than a dinky designer clutch. Which one's going to save your life, huh? I am an extremely selective shopper (known to spend a whole season in the quest for the perfect skis/ jacket/gloves/whatever).

ALTITUDE: Started skiing, went over to the dark side, snowboarding, then back to skiing. I now ride both shades, depending on conditions (have to remember which boots).

STYLE NOTES: Favourite kit: Jottnar, Paramo and SCOTT jackets, Volcom pants, Patagonia shell. I hardly ever ride without some sort of backpack: off-piste, a Powder ABS or an Osprey, (once had to zip in our Jack Russell to ski down from a hut on a deep powder spring ski-touring day). Skis: Nordica Santa Ana 169s (Winter 15/16) with Marker F12 touring bindings, Black Diamond skins; SCOTT Crus'Air 169s lightweight touring skis with Diamir Vipec 12s bindings; and 165 Armada VJJs 115mm wide powder skis. Snowboard: Nitro Glide. So interns beware: The Devil Wears Armada (skis).

ALTITUDE MOMENTS:  Worst moment boarding over a snow bridge between two crevasses in La Grave, not a good place to head plant. Best: Touring the Lyngen Alps on a snowboard, riding down to the fjords on blue bird days in May. Plus savouring insanely expensive cold beers on the boat.

SNOW TRIBE:  Trans-tribal. As a Stylist by trade I want the latest, most stylish kit so I have Fashionskista tendencies but there's a Gnarly trying to get out because, as a backcountry skier, I like that effortless, not-trying-hard-at-all look. If I like a jacket I'll wear it for years and stick rips with duct tape but, meh, it does have to be the right colour. 



STYLE:  Chalet girl and writer of the winter blog Seasonairehead. Uni graduate and seasonaire, I have now perfected the art of dancing in ski boots while downing pitchers of beers after three winters and one summer season in Tignes. 

ALTITUDE: Used to be one of those annoying toddler skiers with massive mitts on, waddling round like penguins and face planting every five minutes on the pulley rope. Not much has changed 20 years on, except the waddling and face planting is now down to alcohol.

STYLE NOTES: Anything and everything apart from ‘Glossies’/ Val D’Isaaaar or ‘Pisties’/ Punter style. I wear Volcom, Colourwear, Airblaster, Horsefeathers, Armada, Neff, DC, Holden, Oakley, Vans, Nikita, etc. Often in guys' gear because there needs to be more for us girls, and I’m not afraid of stuff being baggy.

ALTITUDE MOMENTS: Skiing full pelt into a draglift control hut when I was 10, epically wiping out on the Border Cross on my first season and snapping my ACL on Christmas Eve 2012 after hucking a kicker. Riding’s fun; if you fall just get back up again. 

SNOW TRIBE: Bit of Steezies, bit of Fashionskista.. 



STYLE: From London media man who, I admit, was a legend in his own lunchtime on the piss to Alpine backcountry skier whose lunch is an energy bar and bottle of water off the piste. Now I create websites from my office in the mountains or by the sea, when not out skiing, cycling or kite-surfing (which, er, is most days). I consider another hard day at the office to be a 1200m vertical ascent.

ALTITUDE: Skied, snowboarded, now back to skiing. 

STYLE NOTES: Anything technical so long as it's resistant to wind/water, controlled by satelites or made by NASA . Wear Paramo and SCOTT jackets, Black Diamond pants, Sunto watch and, of course, all the off-piste safety avy kit including SCOTT Alpride airbag. Rides SCOTT Powd'Air 183s, K2 Coombacks, Dynafit & Fritschi Vipec  bindings. Usual accessory when ski touring is a couple of hardy Jack Russells known locally and on the web as Rando Chiens.

ALTITUDE MOMENTS: The time I skied straight off a cliff, dropping 60ft. By mistake. And survived. Lost a ski (and a bit of pride) under the snow which was recovered six months later in the summer by Per As, mountain guide. The ski, that is, not the pride.

SNOW TRIBE: The clue's in the job title.



STYLE: Started skiing at the tender age of 18 months in the Cairngorms, Scotland. Childhood spent racing on dry ski slopes and skiing adventures in the peak district. Ventured to Banff Canada at age 17 ¾ for a gap year and ended up working for ‘Ronald McDonald’ flipping burgers and, more importantly, skiing every day. This led to a further six ski seasons working in the Alps in various roles that would maximise time on the snow. Now self-employed and spend as much time as I can in the mountains. 

ALTITUDE: I like to ski fast and steep whenever it is safe to do so.  Tech bindings all day every day, no excuses.

STYLE NOTES: Must have the latest kit and always interested in any new ski innovations. Can be found dressed on and off the slopes in Patagonia aka ‘Patagucci’, Ski set up:  Elan Spectrum Alu 105mm & Carbon 105mm, Dynafit Ft 2.0 Radical Bindings, Dalbello Tech Boots, Vaude ABScond Airbag, Carbon Sweet Rooster helmet and not forgetting the essential Sunnto on the wrist for recording the day's activity.

ALTITUDE MOMENTS: Famous for being there when our Tech Editor skied straight off the cliff and lost one of his skis in the snow wilderness. So, gallantly, as he was in shock from his fall, I gave him my skis and I took his which meant seriously testing my ski skills by descending to civilisation in the powder on one ski.

SNOW TRIBE: Born Gnarly but, the Editor says, I'm a closet Fashionskista when it comes to wanting the latest kit!



STYLE:  After snowboarding for nine years, I've just finished my sixth winter season abroad. Summer is all about working hard for me because when it comes to winter I avoid work like the plague! I started a blog when I was younger to keep my sponsors up to date with competition results but now I love writing about what I get up to and reviewing products. 

ALTITUDESnowboarder from day one! I learnt to ski for the first time, last winter, and it was not pretty. For the sake of everyone else on the slopes I'm going to stick with snowboarding. Despite being a park rat, when the powder is good I'm outta there!

STYLE NOTESI'm going to be honest I like patterns and a bit of colour. I'm not one to blend in! These days, I tend to be a bit more subtle about it, though. My setup is - Nikita Expression 153cm with Nikita Ninja Bindings. Salomon Lilys are my boot of choice  (double boa's because I'm lazy),  Celtek keep my hands toasty and XS Helmets protect my head. Spy Bravo goggles are my favourite and Nikita outerwear keeps me looking fresh.

ALTITUDE MOMENTS:  While filming for my friends in Breckenridge, my board decided to go exploring by itself at super high speed through the park. All I could do was watch it hurtle away hoping it wouldn't hit anyone and lead to a lawsuit. Luckily it hit a tree instead!

SNOW TRIBE: I'm a cross between Fashionskista and a Glossy! I used to be a Steezy but I'm a bit girlier now. Floral patterned goggles and tight fitting pants are my thing. It depends on if I'm riding at the indoor dome or on the mountain, though. I want everything before everyone else, too. 



STYLE:  Ex-seasonnaire and ski tech with a pretty handy degree in English. It basically means I can speak proper and use punctuation in all the right places. Having done a season in La Plagne, drinking too much beer and breaking a few bones along the way, I’ve retired to work in Blighty.

ALTITUDE: I ski and board. Don’t make me choose between the two. I’m that guy who thinks he’s better than he is, hence the broken bones. 

STYLE NOTES:  Baggy gear, ripped up pants, old skool socks, a  beaten up lens and snapbacks at après. REPRESENT. Bonfire, Volcom, Dakine, Bern and Vans is what I’m saying. Got to have some beer in your camelpack too.

ALTITUDE MOMENTS: A few of the boys getting the day off and riding down to the first lift of the day, Head Chef Joe bends over and comes back up with a beautiful little €100 note followed by the immortal phrase 'beers on me boys!', straight to Scotty’s Bar with 100 beer tokens followed by a ridiculous day of catching edges, face plants and free beer. Just want to take this opportunity to thank the random stranger who dropped their wedge!

SNOW TRIBE:  Got to say Steezy. Throw together whatever gear I can lay my grubby mitts on.