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STYLE ALTITUDE Features always have an edge (or two). For park, piste and powder. Off piste, backcountry, slackcountry including Tour Guides showing routes for classic ski tours plus daily ski weather blog and snow conditions throughout the winter with Live Mountain Webcam. Ski and snowboard reviews, the latest new and technical kit, ski and snowboard wear all feature in Gear . For Ski Resort guides go to Friends In High Places with news and views from those working a season (or three) in Seasonaires . For skiers and snowboarders. #lifesamountain


Summer In The Alps


Adrenaline junkies are rushing to the mountains with the variety of extreme sports and micro-adventures starting to give summer an edge over winter...Read More

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Daily ski blog, ski news & weather reports forecasts

The ski blog from Style Altitude. Whether resort cruising,off-piste, backcountry, slackcountry, ski touring or exploring new destinations - we bring you reports on conditions and descriptions of routes.. Also summer cycling blog with cycle tours in the Hautes Alpes around Serre Chevalier

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Action Van Man

ACTION VAN MAN. For an action man, if he skis or snowboards, his van is the ultimate toy box on wheels. We have 14 reasons, yes 14, why a man loves his van.

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Ski randonne ski touring dogs skiing with your dogs

SKI TOURING WITH DOGS. For canine powder hounds, three or four hours ski touring in the mountains is like a walk in the park. How to take your dogs ski touring.

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The Faff Factor. And How To Avoid It

THE FAFF FACTOR. Faffing is an unwelcome delaying tactic that can create stress and strain friendships. So check out the 10 ways to avoid faffing - and faffers.

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The Survival Guide To Staying In Mountain Huts


For some there's nothing like a good gnar's sleep in a mountain hut. For others it takes Bear Grylls' survival skills to do one night in a remote refuge. Our Style Altitude Ski Editor, 'Backcountry' Bing promised his wife, Tracy, he was whisking her away from it all to one of the most romantic place on earth, a secluded mountain hut in the middle of nowhere. The only trouble was it meant sleeping fully-clothed in a freezing dorm shared with at least a couple of dozen other less-than-fragrant ski tourers and a loo outside in the icy cold. Tracy survived to share her 10 tips including the essential gear for a staying in a mountain hut......Read More

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How To Buy New Skis

HOW TO BUY NEW SKIS? Take your height, weight, ability, gender. Factor in conditions, online tests and awesome graphics and BOOM your perfect skis.Check out the dos and don'ts for choosing new skis...

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Too Old To Ski? Meet the POWS Pensioners On Wide Skis

TOO OLD TO SKI? Not only are pensioners skiing into their twilight, no midnight, years but now POWS are heading off piste and shredding the powder on fat skies...

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Style Altitude Mountain Snow Tribes. Ski style

SNOW TRIBES. Are you a Gnarly? Techie? Fashionskista? There are 7 distinct skiing and snowboarding style tribes? Check out which snow tribe you belong to.

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The 9 Head Gear Style Rules

THE 9 HEAD GEAR STYLE RULES. What have you got on your head? Don't want to be a Hat Twat? Then you need to follow the rules...

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When you want to work in the mountains for the rest of your life but everyone says 'get a proper job'. Too many people are being sucked in to the cycle of suit and tie desk jobs. Look at the bigger picture. You’re lining your wallet now but you’re stuck in an endless cycle of wet Tuesday mornings on train platforms, seeing the same faces day-in, day-out, spilling coffee on files and for what? So you can enjoy your passions maybe once or twice a year when you book your ski trip away? So ski bum or proper job, there's actually no contest... Read More

Doing a ski season - or two

11 Good Reasons NOT to do a ski season

11 GOOD REASONS NOT TO DO A SKI SEASON. Doing a ski season, the best decision of your life? Maybe not. Check out why you should step away from the chalet host / ski instructor / nanny/ bartender application form...

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POST SEASON SYNDROME. Exhibiting signs of winter ski season withdrawal symptoms? Then you've got PSS, Post Season Syndrome.

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UNIVERSITY OF THE MOUNTAINS. All sussed employers know that graduating from the University of The Mountains creates the ultimate HIGH achiever.

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HOW TO SPOT A SEASONAIRE. There are 10 clues to spotting a seasonaire in the city. Surfing the tube's a giveaway.

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