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April 24
Serre Chevalier ski tours


It could take a whole winter to conquer the 16 summits that ski mountaineer, Benjamin Védrines, completed in just two days in Serre Chevalier. As part of his preparation for climbing K2 from base camp without oxygen this June/July, the French mountaineer completed over 110km and 11,850m of elevation gain, while ticking off the 16 classic ski tours in the Serre Chevalier valley where he lives. DAY ONE: 1. Crêtes de Peyrolle 2. La Gardiole 3. Le Grand Aréa 4. Tête Noire 5. Le Benoîte 6. Crête du Chardonnet 7. Le Grand Galibier 8. Pointe de la Mandette DAY TWO: 9. Pic Blanc du Galibier 10. Pic des Trois Évêchés 11. Pic Ouest de Combeynot 12. Pic du Lac de Combeynot 13. Calotte des Agneaux 3634m 14. Pic du Rif 15. La Condamine 16. Le Prorel


    SUBLI'CIMES FESTIVAL. Returning to La Plagne, 6th-11th April, the Subli’Cimes festival, spread across the resort's five summits, is free to anyone who has a valid lift pass.

    SNOWBOMBING FESTIVAL. The 25th Snowbombing Festival, famous for its adrenaline-fuelled snowboarding, skiing and lively partying in the resort takes place in Mayrhofen from 8th-13th April. This year’s line-up includes Fatboy Slim, Bicep and Andy C.


    EPIC VALUE.Vail Resort's Epic Pass for next season is on sale now. With the addition of Crans-Montana in Europe, this multi-resort season pass is currently available at the lowest price of the year.

    DEAD GIVEAWAY Owners of high-end DPS skis can leave them to friends and family via the new DPS Skis Will & Testament. With their Lifetime Warranty, DPS skis now come with a legally-binding Will & Testament. The Salt Lake City ski company points out that a pair of DPS skis is 'an heirloom meant to be cherished by generations to come'.

    CHECK OUT OUR WEBCAM. For current weather, snow conditions and the state of the snow (or lack of it) outside STYLE ALTITUDE HQ at 1400m and across to the pistes in Serre

Gear Reviews

FEB 24
Ski-Mojo Knee Brace review


Having always thought that the Ski-Mojo was not an alternative to a medical hinged knee brace such as Donjoy, after skiing hard with one all day, and with prior persistent knee issues what a revelation it turned out to be.

This feature comprises two sections; firstly what is essentially a review of the Ski-Mojo, and does it actually work, comparing it to skiing with a normal knee brace and then secondly, an analysis of the Ski-Mojo concentrating on the benefits to knees and whether it can be used instead of a hinged knee brace.

Ski-Mojo's technical explanation is that it is a device based on technology using the power of a spring. The kinetic energy generated during knee flexion is restored during the extension phase by the decompression of the spring. The device, acting as an exoskeleton, is held in a neoprene sheath to keep it in place...

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FEB 24
Different types of Snow

What are the different types of snow what to look out for & how to ski them

From corduroy on the piste to champagne powder off-piste, skiing can be a dream. But there are many times in reality when it's hardpack on the piste and wind-blown crud off-piste and you have to know how to adapt your skiing to the snowpack.

Mountain folklore/legend has it that the Inuit (Eskimos) have over 52 words to describe snow. In his book, The Language of the Inuit, Louis-Jacques Dorais writes of 25 basic terms related to snow, including 'matsaaq' (half-melted snow on the ground), 'aumannaq' (snow on the ground about to melt), 'illusaq' (perfect snow for building an igloo) and 'qannialaaq' (small soft snow).

In some Intuit dialects, expressions refer to 'packed, melted snow, where a dog slept', 'the first snow of autumn' and even 'snowbank formed by a south-easterly wind'...

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The Ski Blog

skiing in the backcountry


How many different challenging snow conditions can the mountain throw at you in one day including more hard crust than on a day-old French baguette?

9.30 CORDUROY: Early lift up to score perfect corduroy on the pistes. Wind blowing up high but clear skies and good vis so up the drag to check out the conditions over the back.

10.15 CRRRRRUST: Gav goes first and his initial turns are pretty OK so it's game on. Then it's thick breaking crust on the really steep south-facing slope, the only way to go down. A few survival turns and a traverse takes us, finally, into more mellow land. But there's a challenging mix of windblown and sun-affected crust so there's no knowing what our skis are going to do - check out what happened next in our latest Ski Blog...

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Winter Sports News

    Higher? Indoors? Alpine skiing needs Plan B - Ryding

    Britain's most successful alpine skier Dave Ryding says his sport needs to "move with the times" by shifting races to higher altitudes.
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    Scotland miss out on world bronze against Italy

    Scotland conclude the World Curling Championship in wretched fashion by losing to Italy in the bronze-medal match.
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    GB miss out on ice hockey medal at Worlds

    Great Britain miss out on a medal at the Women's World Championship as they lose 3-2 to hosts Latvia.
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    Scotland miss out on world bronze against Italy

    Scotland conclude the World Curling Championship in wretched fashion by losing to Italy in the bronze-medal match.
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    GB women set up medal chance by beating Slovenia

    Great Britain keep their Women's World Championship medal hopes alive by beating Slovenia in a dramatic penultimate game of the tournament.
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