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STYLE ALTITUDE Features always have an edge (or two). For park, piste and powder. Off piste, backcountry, slackcountry including Tour Guides showing routes for classic ski tours plus daily ski weather blog and snow conditions throughout the winter with Live Mountain Webcam. Ski and snowboard reviews, the latest new and technical kit, ski and snowboard wear all feature in Gear . For Ski Resort guides go to Friends In High Places with news and views from those working a season (or three) in Seasonaires . For skiers and snowboarders. #lifesamountain


Ski Season Weather Forecast


Skis waxed and ready to shred the pow? Check out the signs, stats, swings and the long range weather forecasts for snowfall in the Alps, this winter...Read More

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Going Off Grid Off Piste Backcountry Trips

GOING OFF GRID. Really want to get away from it all? Check out the Top 6 Off Grid Powder Places including Siberia, Kamchatka and Mount Elbrus, extreme skiing destinations for powder pioneers...

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Ski Knee Injury: From ACL Repair to Knee Replacements

SKIERS KNEES: FROM ACL REPAIR TO KNEE REPLACEMENT. 'Bend zee knees'. Oh you can't? Either through injury or pain do you feel your days are numbered for skiing or snowboarding? But with great leaps in knee treatments and surgery you could be riding into your twilight - make that midnight - years. Check out the latest knee treatments and surgery plus the price of a new knee...

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Road Tested: The 8 Easiest Alpine Ski Transfers

ROAD TESTED: THE 8 QUICKEST TRANSFERS TO SKI RESORTS IN THE ALPS. Check out the fastest routes to the resorts so you spend less time on the road and more time on the snow...

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Ski touring in resort on-piste just for ski tourers

SKI TOURING ON PISTE. It seems that on-piste ski touring is the new thing to do. More and more resorts now have special routes where people can climb up / ski tour / skin and then ski back down the piste - and big brands are getting behind it..

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The Best Top Skis Tested for 2019 - 2020


From Freeride Touring and All Mountain to Cruisers and Piste Performance, the best men's and women's skis for Winter 2020. Chosen by PROSKILAB with their professional tried and tested methodology and intrinsic ethical values, these are unbiased ski tests that you can trust, the most objective assessment of the top skis on the market...Read More

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The Survival Guide To Staying In Mountain Huts

THE MOUNTAIN HUT SURVIVAL GUIDE. Our Style Altitude Ski Editor, 'Backcountry' Bing promised his wife, Tracy, he was whisking her away from it all to one of the most romantic place on earth, a secluded mountain hut in the middle of nowhere. The only trouble was it meant sleeping fully-clothed in a freezing dorm shared with at least a couple of dozen other less-than-fragrant ski tourers and a loo outside in the icy cold. Tracy survived to share her 10 tips including the essential gear for a staying in a mountain hut...

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How To Buy New Skis

HOW TO BUY NEW SKIS? Take your height, weight, ability, gender. Factor in conditions, online tests and awesome graphics and BOOM your perfect skis.Check out the dos and don'ts for choosing new skis...

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Too Old To Ski? Meet the POWS Pensioners On Wide Skis

TOO OLD TO SKI? Not only are pensioners skiing into their twilight, no midnight, years but now POWS are heading off piste and shredding the powder on fat skies...

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Style Altitude Mountain Snow Tribes. Ski style

SNOW TRIBES. Are you a Gnarly? Techie? Fashionskista? There are 7 distinct skiing and snowboarding style tribes? Check out which snow tribe you belong to.

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