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STYLE ALTITUDE Features always have an edge (or two). For park, piste and powder. Off piste, backcountry, slackcountry including Tour Guides showing routes for classic ski tours plus daily ski weather blog and snow conditions throughout the winter with Live Mountain Webcam. Ski and snowboard reviews, the latest new and technical kit, ski and snowboard wear all feature in Gear . For Ski Resort guides go to Friends In High Places with news and views from those working a season (or three) in Seasonaires . For skiers and snowboarders. #lifesamountain


Steamboat Ski Resort


Champagne powder, glorious pistes and riding horses in the snow, are just three of the Magnificent 7 reasons to visit Steamboat Ski Resort. And then there's High Noon...Read More

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Road Tested: The 8 Easiest Alpine Ski Transfers

ROAD TESTED: THE 8 EASIEST ALPINE SKI TRANSFERS. Check out the fastest routes to the resorts.

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7 Reasons To Ski In Colorado Instead of France

7 REASONS TO SKI IN COLORADO INSTEAD OF FRANCE. Waving the flag for USA ski resorts, Winter Park and Steamboat. If Disney created a ski resort...

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Backcountry Skiing: Our Guide To The Guides

BACKCOUNTRY SKIING: OUR GUIDE TO THE GUIDES. We get up close and quite personal with international mountain guides who have shown us some of the best ski (and snowboard) days of our lives whether skiing across the Alps (French and Lyngen), shredding the pow in Siberia or Japan, or hanging off ropes in Chamonix and La Grave, featuring in our ski tour blogs and as contributors to Style Altitude...

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How To Be a Ski Weekend Powder Warrior

WEEKEND POWDER WARRIORS Want to slay the powder but you have limited holiday time? Here's a bulletproof plan for snowboard and ski weekend breaks that will guarantee a shred fest.

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Ski and Snowboard Christmas Gifts for Guys Men 2018


More Big Senders than Big Spenders, this winter the STYLE ALTITUDE crew have been fine tuning their kit and adding essential tech knowledge for backcountry and practical additions such as helmet, ice axe, goggles and gloves rather than splashing the cash on superfluous skis or ski wear. Only our North American Editor couldn't be seen in Aspen wearing a jacket that's so last year - and our Ski Contributor would never get through a whole winter without a new pair of skis...Read More

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End of Ski Season. 5 Things To Do Now...

END OF SEASON. 5 THINGS TO DO NOW. Only the die-hards and desperate (or professionals) will still be skiing in the Northern Hemisphere as the winter season staggers into May with melting snow up most of the hills and crevasse-ridden glaciers

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Vested Interest. Help Launch The New Snoape Vest

VESTED INTEREST: How many great ski and snowboard innovations never get off the ground because they don't have the money of the big brands? Check out this new ski and snowboard kit vest and help give it a Kickstart.

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Patagonia's Mountain Road Trip Repair Tour

PATAGONIA REPAIR TOUR. Like a slow moving glacier the big brands in the outdoor sports industry are starting to recycle, repair and resist PFC chemicals, walking the talk of a cleaner greener environment. Alf Alderson pins the future on Patagonia's Worn Wear programme and other brand initiatives...

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The Top Skis for Winter 2019

THE TOP SKIS FOR WINTER 2019. From Freeride Touring and All Mountain to Cruisers and Piste Performance, check out the reviews and awards for men's and women's skis from the most trusted pro ski testers, PROSKILAB...

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Not sure whether to do a ski season this winter? The fact that Brexit will probably ruin future seasons for Brit seasonaires is one good reason to go NOW. Then there's the prospect of six months skiing or snowboarding and probably the best time you'll have in your life. If you really need any more persuasion then ex-seasonaire, Emma Taylor has 8 good reasons why to take that gap before uni, postpone getting a proper job after uni, even give up your proper job - and start packing... Read More

Doing a ski season - or two

Serial Seasonaire: How To Board or Ski Every Winter

SERIAL SEASONAIRE How to snowboard or ski every winter. Snowboard contributor, Faye Young, has just spent her sixth season snowboarding in the mountains. Find out how she does it...

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Chalet Guy: The Man Behind the Morzine Chalet Project

THE MAN BEHIND THE MORZINE CHALET PROJECT. He launched the Morzine Chalet Project, experienced seven winters,entertained many chalet guests and has written two books about skiing with 'demons'. We meet Morzine's chalet guy, Chris Tomlinson and discover his demons, skills- and possible seven year itch.

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Class of 2011/ 2012: 5 Seasonaires, 5 Years Later

CLASS OF 2011/2012. What happened after working the winter in the mountains? And where are they now? Catching up with seasonaires 5 years later

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10 Things I'd wish I'd known about doing a Ski Season

10 THINGS I WISH I'D KNOWN. Doing a ski season for the first time without knowing what's ahead is like hucking a ridge without checking out what's on the other side.

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