Ride and tested: Review of Revo Light Management Goggles

Revo ski goggles by Bode Miller


Photochromic, polarised, glare reducing, anti-fogging and great looking, the new Revo ski goggles by Bode Miller tick all the boxes. Ski goggles, Ride and Tested by the STYLE ALTITUDE crew...

The Revo ski goggles by Bode Miller have become the STYLE ALTITUDE team goggles of choice, worn by our Backcountry Editor, Ken, who reviewed them last winter (see below), Editor, Elaine and Co-Founder, Loulou.

We are sent goggles every season to test from various brands so it says a lot that out of all of them, we choose to wear these Revo goggles everyday on the hill. Once you discover goggles that really work in all light conditions, that fit snuggly under your helmet and give super wide vision, it's game over for all others.

With the Revo ski goggles there's none of the faff with having to change lens depending on whether it's sunny or white out. This season has been particularly sunny so, though, so the real test has been skiing fast down a run where the sun dips in and out of deep shadows from the mountains. The fact that the goggles work so well from full-on sun to dark shade, is testament to the practical influence of six-time Olympic medalist, Bode Miller, who needed to overcome this visual problem when racing at around 80mph

Here's what Ken has to say:

The guys at Revo sent me a sample of their latest goggle, the Revo X Bode Miller, to test. I've heard great things about their sunglasses for years now, but never tried the goggles.

Brief history of Revo: NASA Astrophysicist. Dr Mitch Ruda was working on coatings for satellite portholes and came up with the idea of using the same coatings to protect our eyes and Revo eyewear was born! The NASA based technology is part of the new Revo X goggle and is photochromic plus all the usual UV protective and anti-fog elements.

This longstanding independent American eyewear brand recently partnered with Bode Miller, two-time overall World Cup champion and six-time Olympic medalist, to create the Revo x Bode Miller Goggle collection which integrates the brand's industry-creating polarised lens technology that has been adapted for the slopes with photochromic properties.  Notable properties of the goggles include:

  • Revo's high-contrast polarised Serilium+ lenses: a lightweight, impact-resistant, glare-reducing nylon
  • Revo's Light Management System™: Filters harmful UV, HEV and Blue Light while reducing glare and enhancing clarity of digital screens
  • Revo's Photochromic Lens Technology: Automatic adjustments made for every light condition encountered on the slopes, ensuring skiers have the best possible view
  • Universal Fit: Goggles can integrate with most helmets;
  • Rx-Ready: Goggles accept a prescription with a custom insert
  • Signature Colours: Mirrored lens colours come in Blue Water and Solar Orange

So, what are they like to wear? In a word, brilliant! The clarity is second to none and the Supernova+ lens makes colours pop with great contrast, the tint is medium, but combined with the photochromic element is good for all lighting conditions, which means no fretting over which pair to pack!

The fit is medium, with wide peripheral vision and comfy on the face, with a non-slip strap they're well anchored to my helmet as well. Out in the backcountry, this winter, I got zero fogging too which is a major plus point in my book.

The semi-frameless design looks cool too!  I'll be happily rocking these for the rest of the season.

Revo ski goggles Bode Miller

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