The Skiers' & Snowboarders' Gift Guide Christmas 2019

What skiers and snowboarders really want for Christmas

From the sublimely simply ski strap to the ridiculously expensive ski trip, the ultimate skiers' and snowboarders' gift guide for Christmas 2019

For Bad (and/or Bald) Hair Days


What's not to love about getting a PLANKS BEANIE for a present? When wearing the right hat on the mountain is more of a challenge than negotiating a Winter Park mogul field - see The 9 Head Gear Rules - everyone knows that a Planks beanie not only fits snuggly but also has immediate cred for your head. Choose the cool peace logo Drop Cliffs Not Bombs beanie for £19.95 or the Skier stripey one for £22.95 but, yep, check he/she isn't a snowboarder.

For When the Sky's The Limit


How about the ultimate holiday? Buy someone you really love a ski or snowboard trip around the world in 30 days starting in the Alps and ending in Iceland taking in some of the world's top ski resorts including Zermatt, Niseko, Whistler and Aspen along the way? Yes, Scott Dunn will organise the whole shebang EPIC ROUND THE WORLD SKI TOUR over five countries in three continents with helis arranged to score the world's most pristine powder bowls. You may need to sell the spare SUV for the €46,500 cost and, maybe, plant a few trees.

For Thirst Aid


So if it's a present for a backcountry ski tourer then they'll be game for a LARQ purifying bottle, which also saves the world from even more plastic. Instead of drinking from a babbling brook or eating the snow and risking imbibing the bacteria of a dead sheep this super light, self-cleaning (reusable) LARQ, hailed as the highest tech water bottle available for around £100, will eradicate harmful and odour causing bacteria and viruses at the touch of a button. Intelligently activating every two hours in a self-cleaning mode, the LARQ basks the content and the inner surface in purifying UV light to keep your water pure and bottle free of germs. What's more, the bottle that comes in four different colours, is double-walled and vacuum sealed so it can keep beverages ice cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.

For Total Privacy


If he/she wants to get away from it all without the effort of ski touring, then you could always rent them a SKI RESORT FOR A DAY. For $4500 you can rent the privately owned NYC Plattrkill Mountain resort complete with four lifts, 38 trails, two miles of terrain park and over 1000m average annual snowfall. Lifts tickets are available for 250 people, so, nudge, just let us know when?

6) For Gnar Gnar land


On the other hand, if you're looking for a stocking filler that costs less than the whipped cream on a chocolat chaud in St Moritz, then go to Claire's Accessories. Yes, Claire's. They have paisley BANDANAS for £2.50 that the most gnarcissistic of mountain guides would wear. We suggest, though, that you unpick the Claire's label and sew on Patagonia.

For A Laugh 


Like J K Rowling's final Harry Potter and the last episode of Game of Thrones, fans have been holding their breath for the third book in the trilogy, Skiing with Demons. So drum roll, please, for author Chris Tomlinson's announcement that SKIING WITH DEMONS BOOK III is now available. Read here how by nearly losing a limb he gained material for another of his inimitable and humorous narratives about life and skiing, featuring more demons than in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. See if you can spot mention of our Style Altitude daemons, the Rando Chiens.

For Ski Tourers


It's a small but beautiful thing, the Black Diamond SKI STRAP, on Amazon for around a fiver, the only ski carrying accessory with gnar outside the apres bar and extremely practical as you can lash skis with poles (see above) leaving hands free if you're the bloke on a rope. Even if he or she already has one, they can use it on another of the many pairs of skis they are bound to have in their quiver. But, er, as for the Planks ski beanie, above, check that they're not a snowboarder.

For a Warm Hug


Who wouldn't want a hug for Christmas? So a Hugg self care or beauty product with healing organic CBD oil product would be appreciated by any skier or snowboarder wanting some relaxing apres (and with this legal CBD ingredient the only 'high' they'll get is going up on the lift). The massage oil at £17.99  has been tried and tested by our Health & Beauty Editor, Siggy, a sports and body massage therapist who says, 'The massage oil absorbs gently and effortlessly moistures into your skin, as well as the relaxing aromas calm your mind. The CBD Roll Away Rollerball, £17.99 is my new favourite muscle melting, temple tension reliver. small enough for you to take anywhere at anytime. Finally, Hugg's CBD Bath Salts at £10.99 is the perfect potent combo of Dead Sea and Himalayan Bath Salts Infused with Essential Oils to help soak and warm up your muscles, while washing the day's tension away'.