Day 6 Lockdown: Discovering the best walking routes for when we might have to go into stealth mode

Preparing for greater restrictions possibly to come?

If the current 1-2km exercise radius is is restricted to 500m or even less then we might have to carefully consider our options

Listening to Boris yesterday and the excellent deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries, it was great to hear their enthusiasm re exercise and how it's his intent to keep Green space and parks/playgrounds open.

Compare that to what we're enduring here in Serre Chevalier and probably more intense draconian rules to come later today from Macron and it's a very different strategy being played out.

While they (Boris & Jenny) referred to the various lockdown measures across Europe, not once did they refer to the reasons why cycling and various activities, all of which they heartily endorsed, are banned in France.

For sure ski touring could be deemed high risk vs cycling

And that's because here in France, the concern is not just about the lack of social distancing but the accidents that might happen and the subsequent drain on desperately needed medical resources. I happen to be of the belief that on the whole, this is way OTT. For sure ski touring could be deemed high risk vs cycling, but more accidents happen in the UK on Bank Holidays due to DIY than at any other time of the year.

If the current exercise radius of 2km is reduced to 500m or less then  I think we will have to consider our options if excessive limitations are introduced.

Up the hill behind us we will not see anyone

Where we are in the mountains can already be described as being in isolation and if we walk up the hill behind us we will not see anyone for as long and as far as we can walk, including the gendarmes, unless of course, they take to the sky.

However it is not the same situation for a large percentage of the French population, and I understand to an extent why more of a lockdown is required but I hope that our little bubble will be ignored and officialdom will concentrate on other areas while we continue to walk close to #cheznous with the dogs (Rando Chiens).