Skiers' Heated Gloves by HeatPerformance Review

Heat Performance heated ski mitts gloves


Backcountry Editor, Ken Reeve, gets his hands on a pair of the best heated mitts for skiers and snowboarders by HeatPerformance

Like many, I suffer from cold fingers while out skiing, made somewhat worse by contacting mild frostbite several years ago. Even the venerable mitt plus inner glove combo sometimes isn't quite enough and I have had to resort to chemical handwarmers as well.

After much research on the internet, I bit the bullet and ordered some heated mitts from and wish I'd made the choice years ago. HeatPerformance is founded by a young progressive Dutch couple who had exactly the same needs as me.

We've had some cold (-10C) days here in Serre Chevalier recently and the mitts have done the business. Even without any heating on they're clearly well insulated and windproof, turned up to max, they're toasty. I, also, discovered that by leaving them on a low setting they give enough background heat to stop the onset of frigidity.

heated ski gloves

With a 7.4v 2600 mah lithium battery tucked away neatly in a waterproof zippered pocket there seems to be ample power for a day's skiing if the power is managed as above, but I also invested in a spare pair of batteries just in case.

The mitts are extremely well made and not too bulky, with the heating elements running across the back of the hand where the veins feeding the fingers are close to the surface and continue down to the fingertips giving great warmth.

The company also offers other heated products such as heated socks, insoles, inner gloves, hats, vests and even a heated pad, so all bases (!) well covered.

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