A total of 40,000 TwinBag system airbags and 72,000 steel cartridges have now been checked by avalanche airbag manufacturers, ABS, following their recall, last winter, when it was discovered that isolated steel cartridges had been contaminated by processing residue during the filling process at the cartridge supplier in Austria.

Just 0.2% of all the returned systems were affected - 90 products needing repairing - and all 72,000 steel cartridges checked and cleaned as a precautionary measure. 

Sufficient supplies of steel cartridges for next season are, once again, available with ABS declaring that they are fully able to meet deliveries.

Anyone who has not returned their TwinBag system airbag,originally tested with potentially affected steel cartridges, is advised to so as soon as possible to ensure processing before winter. 

For full details of the recall, visit www.abs-airbag.com/recall