Headline features in the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror accuse young Brits of turning Val d'Isere into Magaluf on ice.

Headline shockers: 'Boozy Brits' turn upmarket Val d'Isere into 'Magaluf on Ice'.

Both the Daily Mail (below) and Daily Mirror (above) have made sensational headline news out of stories that are as old as neon headbands in the Alps.


Yes, the rocking vibe of La Folie Douce (also in five other resorts including Meribel) which is targeted by the media as the cause of Val d'Isere's move from chic resort to downmarket dive, attracts apres skiers and boarders swilling jugs of beer and doing shots till they can hardly stand let alone ride but it's hardly just a Brit thing (the Sozzled Swedes could drink anyone under the table). Neither is it just a young thing. Merry and middle-aged or slurring and senile, there's no age discrimination to apres binging.

The younger contigent at Folie, though, have mostly come over from Tignes, where, when it come to apres and nightlife, it is more like Ibiza on ice

But one thing apres is not in Val d'Isere - and that's cheap. Okay so you could smuggle in a 2 Euros bottle of red wine from the supermarket and drink it surreptiously at Folie, but you still had to pay for a 300 Euros weekly ski pass to get there, double a week's total package holiday in Magaluf. Drinking and dancing at mountain bars like La Folie Douce, is an après phenomenon that is enjoyed by the sort of well-heeled crowd who think Magaluf is a Norwegian snowboard brand. And, it's certainly not a new phenomenon.

Sober Brits At Après In Val. Now that would be headline news....