The latest alternative to rocking to music in the mountains is rocking with laughter at the Altitude Festival. Faye Young, split her sides (rather than her snowboard) on the front row of the funniest show on snow.

The new comedy festival took place, last week, in Mayrhofen, Austria with three shows every night from Monday to Friday, featuring big headline acts like John Bishop, Sean Lock and Marcus Brigstock.

I knew this was an event not to be missed. Music festivals are good fun if you like skiing/snowboarding during the day and partying hard every night but Altitude Festival is totally different. The relaxed vibe is amazing; small intimate venues mean you can be sitting 10 metres away from your favourite comedians and you could even bump into them on the slopes!

It's even better when they are cracking snowboard jokes

There's something magical about being in a room with a couple of hundred people that all have something in common - snowsports! Even the comedians love having the chance to get on the snow. You just wouldn't get that in the 02 arena with 10,000 other people.

All the comedians are funny when you see them on TV but it's even better when they are cracking snowboard jokes that you can really relate to. The MCs that introduced each of the main acts were brilliant, I would pay to go to see their shows too!

Mat Reed hosted the Thursday night show with his Northern charm and tales of life in Sunderland while Andrew Maxwell had the crowd in stitches with his quick wit and hilarious stories involving accidents while wearing Lederhosen! You don't want to know! 

See Sean Lock pulling a moony to his mate backstage

The main event is held in the Europahaus, which is a congress centre in Mayrhofen town and it makes a brilliant setting. The first evening, we had front row seats and could even see Sean Lock pulling a moony to his mate backstage.

Instead of the seats being in rows you just find a table with your friends and grab a crate of beers or a bottle of wine to keep you hydrated during the show. It's casual and relaxed, which makes it a really enjoyable experience. 

The really keen could catch all of the comedians starting off with the Apres Show at 5.00pm before the main event at 7.30pm and the late show starts at 11.30pm.

Upgrade to a VIP wristband for the week 

If you are looking for a trip away that's a bit different from the usual ski holiday then I would definitely recommend Altitude Festival. Upgrade to a VIP wristband for the week and you are guaranteed great seats and free alcohol every night.

Rumour has it that next winter's event will take place in December. Keep up to date with the event on Twitter @AltitudeComedy or sign up to the news letter on the Altitude Festival website so you don't miss out.