What happens when you fall into a 30m crevasse while skiing? Watch Episode One of The Horn on Monday, 17th October.

If you fell into a crevasse, got caught in an avalanche, became injured stacking it in the snowpark or crashed on the piste, then there's no more welcome sound than the whirling blades of the mountain rescue heli.

Starting on Monday, 17th October, Red Bull TV are airing a series of six episodes of The Horn, following the Heli Heroes of Air Zermatt as they go about their daily job of searching for and rescuing injured skiers, snowboarders and climbers on The Matterhorn and surrounding Alps.

During the peak ski season in the winter they can undertake 25 rescue missions in one epic day, flying to resorts or remote steep faces to attend and fly the injured to hospitals. But it's not always a happy ending. In Episode Two, one mountain climber is  helied back in a bodybag, a chilling reminder of how quickly skiing, snowboarding or climbing  can turn to tragedy.

Watch the awesome rescues by the Air Zermatt crew and you'll respect them and the mountains even more.

All six episodes of The Horn will be available from Monday 17th October, only on Red Bull TV