So it' seems that guys are not buying as many skis and snowboards. But women and kids are.

According to the annual UK Snowsport Hardware Market Survey from SIGB (Ski Industries of Great Britain) more women bought female specific skis in 2015/16 with sales up 8% (down 11% for unisex) and up 5% for women's ski boots (down 3% for unisex).

Meanwhile, more kids are deciding to snowboard rather than skiing. Junior snowboard equipment sales have grown with board sales up a whopping 48% and boots up 14%, compared to a significant decline in skis and ski boots. 

Overall it was a tough year for ski and snowboard retailers with an overall drop of 6% in ski sales and 13% decline in snowboards. However, it's still clear that UK skiers are committed to buying rather than renting with ski boots the strongest selling item of hardware with only a 1% decrease year on year.

Blame for the overall disappointing figures has been given to the late start to the season because of lack of snow in Europe, exchange rate volatility, airline carriage charges and the growth of offshore web sites. But the outlook for this winter 16/17 is distinctly brighter with the UK up to 25% cheaper than Europe for snowsports gear, with pre-Brexit fixed prices and the current exchange rates favouring buying here.

Sam Noble, President of SIGB commented: 'Although we are not necessarily surprised by these figures, we can take hope from the fact that the figures, although declining, have flattened compared to earlier this decade. The SIGB is working hard to try and buck this trend, and as well as continuing to spread the word about the benefits of buying in the UK through our Go UK Buy UK campaign, this winter will be the first winter for a long time when it is cheaper to buy snowsports kit in the UK rather than overseas. We are trying to get this message out there and hopefully influence skiers and snowboarders to consider buying their kit on home soil.'

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Main image: More women buying skis and partaking in Women's Ski Camps as run by Emma Cairns of Element in Verbier