Unique Climate Change Summit in Antarctica

A one-off event TEDxScottBase in Antarctica is taking place in January attracting a gathering of high profile climate campaigners.

Top influential climate campaigners will be heading to the most isolated place on earth, Scott Base, on 15th January coinciding with the 60th year of one of the oldest and most iconic stations on the ice and home of New Zealand’s world-leading science  and environmental protection efforts over many years.  

TEDxScottBase has been created as a one off event to highlight and raise awareness of the significant predicted climate change impacts that Antarctica and the planet faces within our next generation

Only those who are already in Antarctica undertaking or supporting scientific research missions will be able to attend the live event on Sunday, 15th January, 2017. But, instead of bringing guests to Antarctica, TEDxScottBase will be relayed to the world, broadcast in its entirety around the globe a week later.

Among the elite 10 speakers chosen for the event are Dan Barry, astronaut, Ashlan Costeau, adventurer, Anthony Powell, renowned film maker and Jeremy Moon, founder of New Zealand-based natural performance brand, Icebreaker.

Talking about his involvement with the event, Jeremy Moon says:  

'The Southern Ocean is where Icebreaker first came to life. When kiwi sailor, Sir Peter Blake skimmed the edge of Antarctica during his non-stop circumnavigation of the globe he was wearing our merino wool prototype for 43 days and nights. His endorsement of the "miracle fibre" that kept him warm, dry and alive was the kick-starter the business was built on.

“From that first foray through to today, people from all over the world have been kept warm and protected in what nature provided. These days Icebreaker is an official part of the uniform for all science events hosted by Antarctica NZ at Scott Base.'

From its very beginning, Icebreaker has led from the front with a deeply embedded sustainability ethos driven by a commitment to working with nature to find sustainable solutions and alternatives with less reliance on petrochemical fibres.

'Providing a sustainable future for us, our species, and the planet has been at the heart of everything we’ve done,' explains Moon. 'But it’s just one small part we play in a much bigger world. To now have the chance to stand at the edge of that world and experience the true pioneers driving change for our planet will be an honour.

'Once we know more about what they know, I believe that every single person and business has the power to drive greater understanding of climate change and be part of the solution. One thing that is not in question will be our continued support for Antarctica and the researchers on the ice, the unsung heroes and change-makers.'

Image: TEDxScottBase