Snow Drought Alert. Lack of Snow Forecast For Alps

Could this be the beginning of the end of skiing in many resorts? New research gives 80 years max...

Recent research has revealed that global warming will make skiing impossible in all but the higher resorts in the Alps within 80 years.

If temperatures rise more than two degrees celsius by the end of this century as predicted unless action is taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions, then the amount of snow fall in the winter could be reduced by 70 per cent. 

The study published in the European Geoscience Union Journal, the Cryosphere, suggests that not only will there be less snow but also the Alpine winter season will start up to a month later - with resorts already experiencing reduced snowfall in December during the past two winters.

Only the higher ski resorts above 2500m would have enough snow to open thoroughout the traditional ski season from December to April.  Those below 1200m, around a quarter of the ski resorts in the Alps, will have almost no continuous snow cover by 2100. 

But if we act to keep global warming below two degrees celsius, we can limit it to 'only' 30 per cent loss of snow pack, instead of the 70 per cent predicted. Join Protect Our Winters in France and help protect the snow in the Alps.

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