Ski Giant Makes A Killing

Amer Sports giant shakes winter sports world by taking over iconic indie ski brand Armada

Finnish winter sports giant, Amer Sports have announced the acquisition of US indie ski brand, Armada.

With annual net sales of approximately $10m, Armada has been bought by Amer Sports for around $4.1m, a steal according to some in the industry.

Armada was founded in 2002 by a group of skiers including JP Auclair and Tanner Hall who joined forces to launch a brand of ski created 'by athletes for athletes'.

Amer Sports who already own Salomon and Atomic and have manufactured Armada skis in their factories for 12 years, announced that the acquistion 'enables us to further accelerate especially in the US market where Armada has a solid presence'. But they have declared that Armada will continue to operate independently.

Armada's President, Hans Smith told POWDER magazine, 'Armada is only enhanced because of this new support. Nothing people love about the company is changing. We’ll keep developing great products, we’ll keep supporting athletes doing incredible things in skiing around the world, and we’ll keep doing it in a way that makes skiing fun… [the acquisition] affords us the ability to focus on the things we’re good at, and get backing and resources and support for the things we weren’t so good at.'