Off Piste Skiing Top 15 Riskiest Sport

According to a new report,off piste skiing causes over 100 deaths a year.

Along with F1 racing, boxing and sky diving, off piste skiing is one o the Top 15 Riskiest Sports according to a new survey from Sports Betting Online. But, along with horse riding, it has the highest fatalities per year, more than any other sport.

Rocks, avalanches, and hidden crevasses are among the dangers of off-piste skiing which cause over 100 deaths every year plus numerous unrecorded injuries. 

This is a similar risk to horse riding also with over 100 deaths a year.  Sky diving is relatively high risk with 695 fatalities since 2004 while bull fighting is relatively safe with only 543 deaths over the past three centuries.

High altitude mountaineering has a 1 in 20 death rate for climbers of Everest while 1 in 750 adrenaline junkies who base jump could be leaping to their death.  

Take care off piste, safeguard against avalanches and don't fall into any of these Heuristic Traps. Respect the mountain.