Protect Our Winters Launches In The UK

Climate activist group created by Jeremy Jones is set to mobilise the UK wintersports community.

The UK now has its own branch of Protect our Winters, the US climate activist group created by snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007.

Aiming to mobilise the wintersports community by leading the charge on positive climate action Protect Our Winters UK joins the growing army of international POW winter protection warriors now in France, Austria, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

If you ski  or snowboard now's the time to get involved if you are not already signed up. You may have noticed snow droughts especially in the Alps? Profound glacial retreat in many regions of the world, erratic snowfall patterns and high temperature volatility during the winter has already meant less consistent snow conditions. If temperatures continue to rise at the same rate without any action taken over the next 80 years, it has been predicted that by 2100 there will be no snow cover and, therefore, no ski resorts below 1200m in the Alps.

Read our recent news report, Snow Drought Alert and catch Ski Sunday presenter and POW UK ambassador, Ed Leigh putting the case for taking steps to protect our winters here.

The objective of Protect Our Winters UK is to mobilise the UK wintersport community to act now by changing the narrative on climate change, supporting people so that taking action becomes 'easy, fun and rewarding' resulting in corporate and consumer pressure for sustainable products, services, policies and investments.

Because we all need winter. 

POW UK is based in Edinburgh, founded by Sandy Trust, UK skier and actuary who's passionate about climate change, supported by a team of like-minded founders

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