Ski Blog. 21st January 2018.

The Land of the Falling Snow

We're in Japan, the land of the falling snow where it never stops topping up with fresh pow. Meanwhile back in the French Alps it's turning Japanese with more and more snow..


No one really tells you just how long it takes to get to Niseko, especially when your first flight is delayed at Heathrow and you miss your connection at Tokyo for Sapporo.

We left at 06.00 on Friday morning from Worthing in the UK and arrived at our house in Niseko at 18.00 on Saturday evening, taking into account nine hours time difference. For some reason, after a few beers and dinner, we all woke up at 02.00 Saturday morning, 17.00 Friday UK time. Some of us went back to sleep, others only dozed until rising around 06.30.

It was snowing when we arrived in Sapporo airport and is still snowing now on Monday evening. It was also very cold with a wind chill of around -27C during the afternoon. What to wear? What not to wear? I put on nearly everything in my ski wardrobe to keep warm in the Arctic conditions. Yep, I wore everything that's in the image below.

ski clothing

We skied some of the classic off piste through the gates including Strawberry and Blueberry Fields. Then a Miso Pork and Rice soup for lunch and up again but then the weather really closed in so we were back in our majorly cool Japanese house (three floors, four bedrooms, three bathrooms) for 15.30.

And ski touring tomorrow. Here's the crazy weather forecast for the next few days:

Niseko weather

Meanwhile back in Serre Che, 30cms of fresh fell overnight. For Ken it was first lifts up and several laps of the Chantemerle trees. Sadly by 11:30 all the upper lifts were closing due to high winds, legs were getting a bit tired by then anyway, so skied down off-piste by the side of the Luc Alphand black run back to town.