Rab Launches Rental Service for Outdoor Gear


British outdoor brand Rab (owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies) has launched Rab Rental of outdoor gear including mountaineering tents, insulated jackets and expedition sleeping bags, to UK customers from 4th March with global roll out to follow...

Rab believes that shrinking the price tag for gear via rental will encourage more outdoor participation giving access to premium technical outdoor kit that provides outstanding performance, comfort, and protection is available committing to a full-price buy. As part of their global sustainability goals, Rab is looking to maximise gear life and reduce waste. By renting fit-for-purpose outdoor clothing and equipment for expeditions, trips, or events, aspiring and accomplished hikers, climbers, and mountaineers minimise the use of items that risk gathering dust, or ending up in landfill prematurely.

The programme, also, allows customers the opportunity to test out gear before committing to buy. If successful, Rab has plans to expand this service, offering convenient drop off locations and growing the service to other countries including the USA. Available through the Rab website,

Rab Rental provides a wide range of Rab and Lowe Alpine products, including expedition and mountaineering sleeping bags, tents and bivis, trekking and hiking packs, waterproof shells, and insulated jackets. Offering an extremely flexible service that fits individual needs and multiple outdoor activities, kit can be hired for between three and 21 days.

To ensure that every rental item keeps up with Rab's high gear standards, Rab Rental will be managed by the Rab Service Centre. The expert in-house service team will professionally clean, reproof, and repair returned gear as necessary, to ensure it delivers long-lasting performance for every customer, whether it's the first or the last rental. At the end of its rental life, the products will be assessed and either cleaned, serviced, and upcycled, or stripped for parts, recycling remaining materials where possible. 

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