Red Bull X-Alps The World's Toughest Adventure Race

Ski touring French Alps Serre Chevalier

The Ultimate High Octane Adventure Race

On 16th June, 32 competitors will take off on the gruelling journey of over 1100km by foot and paraglider from Salzburg to Monaco.

Red Bull X-Alps 2019 takes off on 16th June from Salzburg, destination Monaco.

Considered the world’s toughest adventure race, the Red Bull X-Alps involves competitors journeying over 1100km across the Alps by foot and paraglider from Salzburg to Monaco via a currently undisclosed number of turn points.

Thirty-two world-class athletes from 20 nations will push themselves to entirely new limits. Among them are two women competitors and 30 men, including 14 who are new to the race. Also taking part is the defending champion, Chrigel 'The Eagle' Maurer from Switzerland who has chalked up five consecutive victories.

How tough is it? Chrigel Maurer (main image flying over the Italian Alps) admits it can be gruelling. In 2017 close to Turin, he walked up more than 3000m remembering, 'It was not good to fly, there were no thermals and a strong wind. My knee was a bit damaged too and I ended up flying down in strong wind conditions, which was not efficient'.

Along with the strategic and nutritional help of their designated supporters, the athletes will need the skill courage and determination to navigate through some of Europe’s most inhospitable mountain terrain; making Red Bull X-Alps the ultimate challenge of both body and mind.

Main image: Sebastian Marko. Red Bull Content Pool.