We caught up with the ridiculously epic RETRO RENTALS, pioneers of the onsie revival in the Alps who have resurrected vintage 80s ski wear.

Loulou Baylis spoke to Retro Rentals company director, Kyle Dickson, who tells us what it's like to have hundreds of onesies bursting out from underneath the bed, having one of the best jobs in the world and spreading the retro love to achieve world domination.

Why, how and when was Retro Rentals created?

Retro Rentals actually started as, to be honest, a bit of a joke! We always loved 80s skiwear and dressing up like idiots and this quickly turned into an obsession. We bought more and more until our tiny apartment was overflowing with onesies and Lycra! 

We had 100s crammed under the bed, in cupboards, behind the sofa. It all got a bit silly.

We realized that we needed to find a way of making money for us to fund the retro addiction, and find a bigger space to put them in. Then, some friends at Ski VIP asked if they could rent them out from us for a staff party - and Retro Rentals was born!

From there we have never looked back. We think we might have the best jobs in the world.

Roughly how many outfits do you have?

Never enough! Right now we have about 1000 ski outfits, but we are always looking for more.

Which 80s brands do you have?

Obermeyer, Nevica, Degree 7, C&A, Chanel, Descente, Kemper, Etirel. A thousand brands that no one has ever heard of since the 80s. The list is endless.

Where do you source the outfits from?

If we told you, we’d have to kill you.

Have you got a favourite outfit?

Too many! Probably my Obermeyer Lycra ski pants from 1988. They are mental. Or the Classic Nevica survival UV jackets we have, featuring a built in compass and whistle for when you're trying to find the pub.

Why is it, do you think, that people like going retro?

The 80s were the most epic era for outrageous fashion and the onesie is a true icon from this time. When people put on our gear, it's like they get thrown back in time.

When you’re boldly sporting a majestic tight-fitting neon dream you feel invincible.

Lets face it: everyone secretly wishes that they where brought up in the 80s or wish that they were still there. We just give them a chance to be there for 24 hours.

How are you expanding and what are the plans for the future? 

This year, we are really going for it.  Retro Rentals will now be available in Tignes, La Tania, Meribel, Avoriaz, Morzine and Les Gets. But we will go anywhere in the Alps to spread the retro love. Next season we were thinking of having a crack at world domination…

This winter we are putting on the biggest 80s après parties that the Alps has ever seen with amazing retro music, dancing on tables and onesies! We are touring in pretty much every major ski resort in France but starting the season at London Freeze Festival in Clapham with an epic 80s après bar, with free rentals. So check out the website for more info.

Anything else we should know about?

We take donations! For any epic ski suit we get in we donate money to DSUK, Disability Snowsport UK, an amazing charity, which teaches and helps those with learning difficulties or physical disabilities how to ski and snowboard. So, if you have any old 80s skiwear in the attic gathering dust, send it in and help this incredible organization.

Check out this edit from the guys at Retro Rentals. We're loving the synth music!