Definitely featuring more 50 shades of white than grey, the new female freeski film, Shades of Winter, is all about women and passion. Passion for skiing, that is.

After the international success of her ski films AS WE ARE (2010), an all female ski movie and SHUKRAN MOROCCO (2012), Austrian freeskier Sandra Lahnsteiner once again doubles up in her role as ski film producer and athlete and has put together her best all-female ski movie yet: SHADES OF WINTER.

Presenting the unique expressions of female freeskiing today, SHADES OF WINTER features deep powder and pillows in Japan, skiing all-time conditions in the Alps, big mountain lines in Haines, AK, and the highest level of female freestyle skiing seen yet from the Nine Queens event in Austria.

'This is a movie about strong women who have dedicated their lives to a passion, a passion which connects us all,' says Sandra Lahnsteiner, proud to have created a platform for some of the best female freeskiers around the world to celebrate their shared love of skiing.

Katie SUMMERHAYES, British slopestyle member of Olympic Team GB, interviewed by STYLE ALTITUDE in Views From The Top, is one of the international female stars in the film, which features both snow park aerials and backcountry powder riding. 

'Every girl has her unique style, strengths and abilities, "says Sandra, "Sometimes you fail, sometimes you feel fear, but we do it because we have dedicated our lives to our passion.'

Shades of Winter stars Rachael BURKS (USA) – Lorraine HUBER (AUT) – Janina KUZMA (NZL) – Sandra LAHNSTEINER (AUT) – Matilda RAPAPORT (SWE) – Caja SCHOEPF (GER) – Pia WIDMESSER (GER) 

From NINE QUEENS 2013: Dania ASSALY – Philo BAIR – Coline BALLET-BAZ – Camillia BERRA - Silvia BERTAGNA – Anais CARADEUX – Grete ELIASSEN – Keri HERMAN – Virginie FAIVRE – Jamie Crane MAUZY – Eva PATSCHEIDER – Maude RAYMOND – Zuzička STROMKOVA - Katie SUMMERHAYES – Lisa ZIMMERMANN

SHADES OF WINTER trailer from Sandra Lahnsteiner on Vimeo.