The Ski Blog 13th January 2018. Sidecountry and Slackcountry

Making use of lifts and skins to do untracked powder.

With all the visible off piste now tracked out we used first lifts for untracked sidecountry powder and then went over the back into slackcountry using skins to hike back up...


Probably one of my best descents ever in Serre Che. First tracks down Montagnolle, a bit of sidecountry accessed by lift and exiting onto theTabuc piste, with Ken Reeve on Thursday. If one was being fastidious then, for sure, powder could have been lighter and deeper, but considering snow’s two days old not at all bad. 

Yesterday's excursion was slackcountry, as in using a lift for access and skins to climb back up. We went off Yret and down Ravin de la Montagnolle. Snow better than expected but a tad sketchy at times with crust on top but no one had been down there so it was totally untracked. Then 45 minute skin back up over Col de Frejus to Cucumelle chair with Elaine Deed and Ken Reeve.

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