Week 8 What is the Future for Skiing and Ski Resorts?

Vallons chairlift Serre Chevalier


Social distancing on chairlifts? Is this the future for ski resorts plus higher costs? We look into the murky crystal ball - and, meanwhile, run up the hill to see if there's enough snow for a last ski tour...

It's all over social media and forums, what's going to happen to skiing and snowboarding next winter, 2020-2021? Will the ski resorts be able to open? How will going up on lifts work if there's still social distancing? Will the apres bars open?

We've looked into all those issues and contacted one of the top experts, Simon Hudson, Tourism Professor, skier and author of the upcoming book COVID-19 & TRAVEL, published by Goodfellow this August. 

Check out the latest thoughts and news over in our latest feature: The Coronavirus Effect, The Future for Ski Resorts.

Meanwhile, here in Serre Chevalier, the strict restrictions are due to be lifted on Monday, 11th May, allowing exercise beyond the current one kilometre and one hour limits, that have challenged us to keep fit over the past eight weeks. But, even though our skis are still in the back of the van since our last ski tour on 16th March, it looks as though it might really be that's all folks for this season. 

Today we ran from our apartment past the Frejus village to the Vallon lift (yeah, I know, it's 6km up and an hour and half round trip but ssh don't tell the gendarmes) and there is very little snow left up there after all the warm weather we've been having since April. Look across the valley to the south facing slopes (visible from the Vallons chair, main image) and it's even less likely that we could ski tour.

But it i's due to rain from tomorrow. Could that mean snow up high? Watch this space (and our webcam/weather page).