Ski Bog 16th December 2017

It snows most of the week - and then the resort opens for business so there's limitless untracked off piste. What a Christmas present

Official resort opening day at Serre Chevalier, untouched powder everywhere - and very few powder hounds around. Saturday skiing couldn't be more sweet...



Well I expected first lifts at 9am this morning in Serre Chevalier to be rammed. Between last weekend's pre-season opening and today's official first day of the season, we've had a least a metre of the amazing snow that's the Snow God's Christmas present to the Alps.

But we were at the Frejus gondolas just before 9am met Ken and walked straight onto the lift. We'd done around three laps of the Cretes drag doing perfect pow without seeing any other powder hound.

Then Gav made the first traversing tracks for us on the face to the right above the Barres drag where, with avy bags primed, we did around six laps - we only stopped for a minute to catch some turns on camera, see video, before going around again!

Heading down through the rather gnarly trees we jumped on to the Vallon lift. Again no queue. Either side of the Cucumelle piste there had been a fair amount of sidecountry action so we took the skis off and hiked the ridge to the left all the way to the top of the old La Balme chairlift.

It had been fairly sunny all morning but, suddenly, it was like being in a shaken snow globe with an icy wind howling up behind us blowing clouds of snow (yep, that's me you can just see, below). But it was worth the windy hike. More perfect powder and only a handful of other tracks. Happy days.

Serre Chevalier snow