Technically Speaking How Many Gadgets DO We Need?

Transceiver search


Going on a ski tour means remembering a whole load of tech gear, not only to bring with us but also to have fully-charged. We also recently tested our search mode with the transceivers, helped out by the rando chiens.

This is us getting ready, in the morning, for a ski tour.

'Have you got your radio?'

'Yep. Is your avy bag turned on?'

'Just doing it.'

'Watch charged? Mobile?'

'Yep and yep.'

'Don't forget your transceiver.'

'Got it and turned on. Do you have the GoPro 360?'

It's like a military operation to get out of the apartment with all the gadgets, fully-charged and turned on. And we don't have the added tech-trauma of heated ski gloves or ski socks to remember to charge (though on minus degree days like today I wish we did have them!).

Gadgets such as transceivers are, of course, essential for doing backcountry. So is knowing how to use them - and practising every season. I have the new Ortovox transceiver, bought essentially because of vanity, as it is small enough to fit in your pocket whereas my former one is larger and carried across your body, making your jacket bulky and like you've eaten too much tarteflette.

We buried our transceivers in the snow earlier in the week to do some search practise, one of us throwing them into 30cms of snow when the other was not looking. Trouble was the dogs thought it was a great game, hunt the flying object so, often, it wasn't too difficult finding them.

Taking the whole tech shebang means we have saftey (transceiver, avy bag and BCA Link radio to contact each other) and play things such as smart watches to record our every breath and the GoPro 360 for filming, plus mobiles for photos and calls.

transceiver training

And the big question is, do the other gadgets such as mobiles and smart watches, affect the transceivers when it comes to searching? Well, we will let you know because this is a test we're going to do, so watch this space.

Do we need it all? Well, we could live without maybe the watches and the GoPros, and maybe live(or arguably not if there's an avalanche) without the safety equipment. Trouble is, when we come back from a ski tour we have to remember to turn it all off to save batteries.

There are, also, the usual things to think about when going skiing as in gloves, goggles, ski pass. Now add face mask to the list of things you don't want to turn up to the lifts without. And, of course, your mobile to show the pass sanitaire. So don't forget to charge it.