Ski and Snowboard Wear Latest Trends 2023 - 2024


What's new for this winter 2023 -2024 for ski and snowboard wear? Well, there is one major trend that's going to smack you in the face like a shot of fresh pow. Want to guess?

Nope, the hot new trend for skiwear and snowboard wear is not chemical-free, recycled eco materials. The greening of skiwear has been around ever since Green Peace named and shamed many of the outdoor brands for still using PFC chemicals back in 2016, seemingly not at all bothered about sustainability and protecting the environment, ironically the reason for their existence.

But that was seven years ago. Now if it's not chemical free, sustainably-made and recyclable then it's remarkably out of touch with ski and snowboard wear trends. Eco-credentials are a given this winter 2023 -2024 with every season seeing more and more brands walking the talk to preserve our winters.


Could the big trend be bib pants? Once again, no, because we saw these coming two winters ago. Camo? Been there, worn that. Smock jackets? So last season.

What, then, is the major new ski style news this winter? The clue is in the main image, above. Drum roll, please, for the newest trend. Coordination. This winter's ski wear is all super-coordinated, as you can see from SCOTT, image below, demonstrating how to even match your skis with your outfit.

skiwear trends 2024


'Multifunctionality' is the buzz word from ISPO for 2024 with the focus for many product developers on 'designing apparel for as many different uses as possible'. This, though, is like sustainability, something we already know in the ski world. Who doesn't wear their insulated ski jacket for walking the dog or base layer for running?

When it comes to what colour to wear this winter, you can see from the main image that there's a definite light blue colour theme going on as a skiwear style trend. 


Not only have the major brands been putting extra styling effort into coordinating their layers but the smarter marketeers are, also, significantly changing how they sell them online. Click on this down jacket. Choose your colour and, by the way, here are the pants that go with it and the matching shell that you can't ski stylishly without - see Stellar's latest skiwear range, below. 

skiwear trends 2024

From a brand perspective it's a horse worth backing, definitely a winner when customers purchase their whole ski or snowboard outfit from your label because it has been designed to go together. 

You'll find this trend across the board for winter 2023-2024 not least from luxury skiwear labels. Who can resist a coordinating tie-dye outfit from the uber-glam Goldbergh, see below, if you're cruising the blues in St Moritz? And, woohoo, there are not only tie-dye gloves but also a backpack, neckwarmer and glitter pink goggles to match.

skiwear trends 2024

If you're a fashionskistas this new ski wear trend is a big relief. Buying an already coordinated outfit will save weeks of worrying over what goes with what. 

The younger urban vibe ski and  snowboard ranges have, also, enthusiastically embraced the coordination trend - see Dope, below. For parkrats it's a no-brainer, because it's all about coordination as in how you ride as well as what you wear.

skiwear trends 2024

Out in the backcountry, you'll also spot more coordinated technical gear, this winter, because we all know that even the most gnar guide likes to rock a cool mountain outfit from an authentic brand  - see Dynafit's latest backcountry gear, below.

skiwear trends 2024

For ski tourers, there are often up to four layers to consider, so coordination is no mean feat if you're mixing and matching from different labels. Buying pre-coordinated items from one label that work together as a colour palette as well as performance insulation is a no-sweat way to go - see Ortovox, below.

skiwear trends 2024


For those of us who have determinedly swerved any similarity to a ski instructor matchy matchy jacket and pants, this will definitely take a leap of style faith.

But, let's face it, unless you opt for black, self-coordinating a ski outfit has always meant walking a tricky line to create an outfit by putting together different layers from different brands from different seasons.

I know because I have a wardrobe full of skiwear in many shades of blue that don't quite go together. So now I am converted to coordination, thanks to Dynafit's blue/burgundy ski touring range (and, no, I am not a West Ham supporter, although several have asked).

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