Good Reasons NOT To Go Ski Touring For Fresh Snow

Backcountry ski touring

Have you joined the freeride frenzy for fresh powder?

Well stop the FOMO and stay in bed. Plus there are some very good reasons NOT to go ski touring to discover new snow #irony


It's called Comparanoia, the fear that another resort of backcountry area is getting more nuked with powder than where you are. It's a FOMO that you can't do much about unless you're a ski or snowboard snomad, able to travel wherever the powder takes you.

Before fairly accurate snow forecasts and the internet, of course, who knew what the snow was doing in the next valley let alone in Colorado? But today every powder hound is sniffing out the new snow like a pig seeking truffles. So in Chamonix there are now more riding off piste than on it, a freeride frenzy on side, slack or backcountry.

There are several reasons for this: 

1) Better kit including fat skis making powder skiing easier.

2) More people ON the piste with the new wave of Eastern Europeans flocking to Western European ski resorts.

3) Social media (yep, Ski Blogs, as well) fuelling the powder dream.

So if you're not first in the queue for the first lift on a powder day then you might as well go back to bed because it'll be gone by the time you can say 'bluebird'. Quite frankly I'd rather you did stay in bed, one less to chop up the powder. Also that way you can sleep through your FOMO.

Ski touring is still being hyped, the Holy Grail of an expanding market for the ski brands. Even Decathlon with their Simonde touring range. Currently, though, it seems too much like hard work for anyone under 40 years old. Of course, you'd expect the opposite as in older freeriders thinking the going uphill tough. But, as they say, when the going gets tough well that's when you see tough old 70 somethings climbing up like mountain goats.

We did a 600m ski tour, yesterday, in north facing woods not far from Serre Chevalier. How was the snow? Well, it was super crowded with Eastern Europeans and wasn't untracked all the way back to the van.

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