Vested Interest. Help Launch The New Snoape Vest

Have your goggles, mobile, camera, water and even beers at your finger tips instead of inconveniently in your backpack with the new Snoape vest

How many great ski and snowboard innovations never get off the ground because they don't have the money of the big brands? Check out this new ski kit vest and help support it via Kickstarter.

It was while filming a prototype in Madarao Kogen, Japan, that Benjamin Monteiro came across the most annoying problem.

'I had my GoPro and all its accessories in my backpack, I had my goggles and helmet on my head and my gloves in either hand. I was feeling good about the day's shoot. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that I was in for a frustrating week. Grabbing the simplest of objects from my bag meant taking off my gloves, helmet, goggles, and removing my earphones just to be able to swing around my backpack to then put everything back on again. Once or twice is not terribly bad, but throughout the day I realised that nearly every time I stopped to check out a view or scene I had to do this entire process again. Swapping a battery in my GoPro became a challenge, trying to bypass the process and just reaching for the spare, feeling like I was a body builder trying to itch the middle of my back.'

From such problems come solutions. Ben was reminded of his time in the Australian Defence Force, where he was an Artillery Gun-Number wearing 'highly impractical issued belt-rigs that carried all your ammunition and other vitals around your waist like Batman’s utility belt, but bulkier. When you would run, the thing would bounce all over the place, dragging you down when you wanted to go up or just getting caught up on a sneaky branch'.


That was when he started using molle webbing chest-rigs (vests). 'I remember my first field trip with one of these chest-rigs, I felt invincible because it gave me padding between the ground and my chest, where I could jump or slide onto rocks or other undulated ground. The hours of staring into the dark abyss on a piquet left me fiddling with the vest. I started customising it and perfecting its positions. I perfected my rig to allow me to walk and nurse my weapon without having to carry it with my arms. This saved me a lot of energy on those days where we would have to hike for hours, whilst my mate’s arms would start to tire out from carrying a 3.6kg weapon.'.

So here when Ben had that light bulb moment: why not apply this practical technology for a ski /snowboarding vest to use instead of a backpack that can throw your centre of gravity, push you off the chairlift and catch on branches or ropes  (although it doesn’t mean you must leave the bag at home, it still works well in conjunction). And so the Snöape vest was created.  

But however great an idea, innovations take money to launch. And so we come to the Kickstarter, which will hopefully do just that, kick start the Snöape into commercial existance. Check it out here.

PS. It can hold at least eight beers.






Product Information


500 Denier Nylon

Military grade material, strong, durable and highly abrasive resistant

Overall Dimension 

Height: 54 cm / 21.25 in 

Width: 48 cm / 18.9 in

Depth: 5 cm / 2 in

Depth with pouches: 7 cm / 2.8 in


With pouches: 0.683 kg / 1.5 lbs

Without pouches: 1.215 kg / 2.68 lbs


Fits most adults size Small to X-Large

Water Resistant

Yes. Will not retain moisture or ice in snowy conditions

Hydration Bladder

2 L / 0.5 gal