Superfeet Ski Boot Insoles Review


How can you make ski boots more comfortable? Backcountry Editor, Ken Reeve, ride-tested the new Superfeet Winter Comfort insoles to see the difference to both comfort and fit...

I'm always playing around with my boots to get the most comfortable AND secure fit (I have very wide feet with bunions!) so I was more than happy to test out the latest Superfeet Winter Comfort insoles in the hope that I could achieve both my goals.

I've tried custom-made insoles before, and they work, but at a price and I have several pairs of boots, alpine, telemark and two touring boots so either bank-breaking or a major faff (for which there is no French word BTW) to keep swapping them around.

Enter the Superfeet Winter Comfort insoles.


With the launch of two winter-specific insoles, Superfeet have taken the foundational elements of their signature orthotic shape and combined them with the technology and materials of today.

This commitment to winter sports and a goal to create a better-fitting boot by using an insole, was recognised by this year's Slide & OTS Best Accessory Award.

At first glance they seem very well-made and thought-out, with a generous heel cup and sturdy arch support and are easily trimmed to size with scissors using the original insole as a template.

The upper surface is moisture-wicking and insulated for comfort and the heel cup is reinforced with carbon fibre for stability and will give around 3-4mm extra rise inside the liner to help combat heel lift.


I tried the thicker Winter Comfort soles in my alpine boots as the liners are just starting to pack out and I was having to crank the buckles down excessively. The 5.7mm thickness of the insole, combined with the arch support and heel cup has transformed the boots. Being far more precise without having to heave on the buckles and with the arch support, it means my foot is spreading out less than before and is also more comfortable.

An added bonus is the top surface of the insole is low friction, meaning that my feet slide into the boot far easier, important on a cold day when it's normally a battle to pull on my fairly rigid alpine boots!

The insoles come in two thicknesses, 5.7mm for the Winter Comfort and 4.3mm for the Winter Comfort Thin, so you can order the appropriate thickness depending on whether you need to reduce the volume in your boots.

A very worthwhile imrovement over the stock insoles at a reasonable (for the build quality) 50 or so Euros.