STYLE ALTITUDE welcomes all like-minded brands, that is, those who share our love of skiing, snowboarding and mountain cycling, to become STYLE PARTNERS. In return for advertising, STYLE ALTITUDE will support your brand, promoting via editorial and social media.

Since we launched STYLE ALTITUDE, the independent ski and snowboard website and online ski and snowboard magazine, nearly 10 years ago, it's been a steady climb uphill to establish a global audience, gain industry recognition and achieve top rankings on Google. 

Now STYLE ALTITUDE is #1 on Google with many of our GEAR REVIEWS and FEATURES, ranking above all other ski and snowboard digital sites. 

We also have 8 awards for our SKI BLOG, and the coveted accolade of Best Ski & Snowboard Publication UK. 

This success is like ripping off the skins, switching the bindings to downhill mode and hitting a powder bowl.

So we hope you'll join us for the ride. This is how:

We have advertising slots for our STYLE PARTNERS on our Home Page (see rates below), including the top Hero Banner, Display Banners and Side Bar Panels. Additionally we can offer advertorials, links and sponsorship opportunities for our editorial sections: Features, Gear, Resorts, Seasonaires, News and Blog - or for specific features.

As an accepted  STYLE PARTNER we will support and promote your brand with an exclusive editorial feature(s), inclusion in regular Gear, Kit and Resort Guides and/or Social Media posts. 

We are also set up for e-commerce and selling via the site.

Reasons for becoming a STYLE PARTNER:

STYLE ALTITUDE is for ALL riders, aimed at BOTH skiers and snowboarders. And for cyclists in the mountains during the summer.

STYLE ALTITUDE is written from the mountains in the winter and summer by RIDERS for RIDERS.

STYLE ALTITUDE is for ALL generations, 18 year old Seasonaires or 80 year young Geezonaires, anyone who loves the mountains, skiing, snowboarding or summer cycling.

STYLE ALTITUDE covers ALL terrain, piste, park, pipe, touring, slackcountry, sidecountry and backcountry - even Jackcountry (touring with our ski mascot Jack Russells). On road and off road.

STYLE ALTITUDE features gear that has FUNCTION and STYLE with new gear tests and technical product reviews.

STYLE ALTITUDE has the INSIDE edge, professional interviews and resort information.

STYLE ALTITUDE has innovative original content including the TRAILBLAZING daily ski blog from the mountain; GROUNDBREAKING innovations for skiing or snowboarding; PROVACTIVE thoughts on climate crisis and CLIFFHANGING dispatches from Seasonaires.

And now for some facts:

STYLE ALTITUDE launched nine winters ago in 2013 as an INDEPENDENT ski and snowboard online site with magazine style editorial recognised in the industry for its innovative features, technical gear reviews, ski touring reports and (almost) daily blog from the mountains.

STYLE ALTITUDE is ONLY available online because, this way, we can constantly update the site with news, photos, videos, reviews, blogs AND features as we believe that this is how people now like to be informed. Why wait a month? 

STYLE ALTITUDE is free so no subscriptions. No one needs to pay for the information and entertainment value of our content.

STYLE ALTITUDE has 83,445 active users (April 2021 - April 2022) recording over 1000 page views A DAY in the peak winter season (Google Analytics © 2022 Google), all with main interests skiing or snowboarding - and, in the summer, cycling. 

STYLE ALTITUDE is followed by a 64% male and 36% female audience with an even age breakdown of 21% (35-54), 28% (25-34),18% (45-54), 16% (18-24). 17% (over 55)  (Google Analytics © 2022 Google). 

STYLE ALTITUDE is the fastest growing, industry recognised INDEPENDENT ski and snowboard site. Year on year we continue to grow our audience. We had a  67% increase from 2019-2020 to 2020-2021 with 114,669 page views during the past 12 months (103,584 unique page views). Join us for the ride and #doitinstyle because #lifesamountain.

STYLE ALTITUDE has a global reach with USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia and Switzerland, the top six countries for our worldwide snowsports audience.

STYLE ALTITUDE new users mainly come from organic searches, ranking high on Google for many of our features, blog and gear reviews, regularly at #1 position or the top three. 

STYLE ALTITUDE PARTNERS INCLUDE:  SCOTT Sports, Jottnar, Protect Our Winters, Chez Bear Ski Lodge, Hot Pod Yoga, Ski Famille, Alpine Elements, Sno, Purple Ski, Power Plate, We Are Sno, Ski Safari, Winter Park, Steamboat, Mark Warner, PROSKILAB, Evo. 

Here's what it costs:


We have only one Hero and four Display Banner positions on the Home Page for the season, available on a first come first served basis, following the STYLE PARTNERSHIP approval.

All advertisements will be displayed for a 12 month period (unless other arrangements have been made) and are renewable on 1st October of every year.

Artwork for advertisements can be changed during the season up to a maximum of three times with prior arrangement.

All artwork to be supplied by the STYLE PARTNER to size, required resolution and creative standard as approved by the Editor of STYLE ALTITUDE.

Hero Banner: £500

Display Banner: £250

All fees payable from publication.

Book and pay by 1st September, prior to the winter season, for 10% discount on the above prices.

Please contact Commercial Editor, Sam Ryder to book:


Including: FEATURES, Guest BLOGS, Brand LINKS, Section or Page SPONSORSHIP

(Please note, only products and brands that we are happy to endorse and feature on the site will be considered)


A maximum of two links is allowed for any sponsoring brand within natural anchor text in the copy with at least three/four other relevant external authority website links included in the main text. 

All sponsored/advertorial features will appear on the Home Page for a duration of six months from publication and then appear under archive menu sections. A payment of £50 is requested for every additional six months on the Home Page.

All copy must be unique (not appear on any other internet site) and approved by the Editor of STYLE ALTITUDE and may be subject to changes if it does not meet our publishing standards.

All subjects must be agreed before submission of copy and images.

All images must be free of copyright restrictions and provided without fee for publishing on Style Altitude.

A fee of £250 for publishing per feature submitted will be charged plus an extra £100 for copy if written by a STYLE ALTITUDE journalist or if extensive editing is necessary.

Do NOT provide text created by AI. If AI is suspected as a source, the article will not be published on STYLE ALTITUDE.

Brand links in published features on our site will be considered only where appropriate and without prejudice to editorial integrity for £50 per link.

All fees payable on publication.  

Please contact Commercial Editor, Sam Ryder to discuss:

Book and pay by 1st July, prior to the winter season, for 10% discount on the above prices.


Available via the site: Contact:


Please note that in order to maintain our integrity and unbiased reviews STYLE ALTITUDE does not collaborate with retailers or wholesalers to promote products for commercial gain via affiliate partnerships.


We're delighted to hear from all PRs with relevant information about skiing, snowboarding or cycling. And, yes, we know you're (usually) not in control of the advertising budget.

But we'd love to work with you via PRODUCT TESTING where we will try out any gear actually on the mountains where we are based during the winter and summer seasons. On piste, off piste, slackcountry, backcountry and ski touring! Our crew are mostly sample size, men and women.

Also, we can run COMPETITIONS with the products you represent. This way, you have our attention and editorial coverage; we are able to offer quality prizes; and our followers can get their hands on free kit.

So a win, win, win. 

Contact us NOW to discuss what we can do together for winter 2023/2024 or beyond:

Hero pic: Tandem backflip: Jesper Tjäder with Øystein Bråten