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15th May


You know you're in the mountains when you get the road bike out to cycle because of the warm weather this May - and since lockdown was lifted in France on Monday - and you hit the snow that's still across the roads to the cols (main image, Col du Granon, yesterday).

But the weather has taken a turn for the worse, recently, with low cloud and rain forecast for the next five days of so. The valley has been filled with rumbling thunder as the storms roll in.

So it's a question of grabbing any sun/dry weather for cycling and trail running while you can. Sometimes it means going out for dog walks that put the waterproofing of our gear to the test, the dampness of underlayers after a thorough soaking in the rain contradicting the claims of the labels. Also, it means a couple of very wet Rando Chiens.

Of course, we're all worred about next ski season - and, for once, not about whether we'll have good snow. More concerning is whether the coronavirus pandemic all be over and will the travel situation and ski resorts be back to normal? Is it sensible to book now before the prices go up? We've looked into a rather murky crystal ball (and asked some experts including Simon Hudson, Tourism Professor and author of the upcoming book COVID-19 & TRAVEL) to come up with a picture of what to expect for winter 2020-2021. Read all about it here.

And check out the (Ski) Blog for regular lockdown updates here in the French Alps at Style Altitude HQ plus dispatches from Louise Hudson in Canada, Chris Tomlinson in the UK and Josefine As from a small village above La Grave.. Also keep up with those powder hounds, the Rando Chiens, via the dog's blog!


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