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The flurry of snow and excitement in the Alps have receded, at least for the next few days so there are still clouds in our coffee and no snow. But next week looks like it's snow time again.

Meanwhile, today, Gavin is packing his skis (Black Crows Atris 108s) and skins (two pairs) for tomorrow's trip to Siberia. 

The powder is already waist deep and temperatures are threatening -20C. He's written the blog about preparations.  We'll be updating, here, on this page and via the ski blog as we hear From Russia With (Warm) Glove.

It's less than four weeks until the lift cogs start to turn here in Serre Chevalier for the opening weekend on 7th December. Verbier, meanwhile, is open on weekends now in November and it's puking in the States so, yes, we're already suffering from that winter anxiety disorder, comparanoia, comparing other resorts' snowfall to ours. But, hey, we've just booked Norwegian Airlines return to Denver for next February so bring it on snow-wise in Colorado.

Just remember that early snow doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a long snowy winter. Not according to stats of past winters in the Alps, anyway. Check out our Snow Forecast for the Alps Winter 2019. However, if it stays around, with no November melt, then it's a good base for the season.

Of course, we now have unseasonal higher temperatures and global warming to factor in which, although not good news for lower resorts, did create more precipitation, last winter, and great powder up high. But, no, that does NOT mean yay to climate change...

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Snow Forecast

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