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17th January


Around Noon, just as I came back from some cross country skiing, the weather started to close in, and within the past half hour there are now flocons falling from the sky!

The forecast is for 10cm max.

The pistes have been great this past couple of weeks since the holiday crowds left, and this week we clocked up over 100km including lifts zig-zagging our way from one end on the valley and back, (image above), more on that here.

For the restauranters the past three weeks of weather have been glorious, but now we need snow, that said the pistes with their solid base accumulated through November and December are holding up well down into the resort compared to other ski stations in the French Alps. 

It is the off-piste that is dire, what with strong scouring winds and the holiday hordes anything remotely close to a lift has been skied out.

I should also add the cross-country ski de fond pistes are is superb condition for both classic and skating from Pontillas and the British Army are out for their Nordic Championships this past week.


Army Nordic Ski Championships Serre Chevalier


What kind of winter will we have in the Alps? Does snow in November mean a pow-fest season? You can check the signs, stats, swings and the long-range weather forecasts for snowfall in the Alps, this winter, here. Or you can burn all your kit as a sacrifice to the Snow Gods...


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