Worrying about what to wear to the mountains? How to look cool? Or should that be hot? You want to turn heads, but not in a weird way? Then check here to confirm that you're a member of one our favourite Snow Tribes, The Fashionskistas.

Mountains? Snow? What am I going to wear? What colour jacket? Is it still cool to have a bobble on my beanie? Should my goggles be mirrored? Are my pants too baggy? My bum definitely looks big in them, but is that in a good way? It’s like being on style caffeine but this is how a Fashionskista's mind works. Right now, they’ll be trawling the web – and our Snow Tribes – to see what others are wearing.

A Fashionskista doesn't need an online checkout basket at Surfdome, they need a virtual truck. Fashionskistas are chameleon-esque in their ability to adapt their style according to the resort. They have a knack of getting it, knowing how to become a Glossy or Gnarly with just a click on the credit card payment icon for the suitably encrusted Swarovski goggles or appropriately jet fan inflation ABS bag. When in Tignes, for instance, a Fashionskista will ditch the black skinny fur-trimmed jacket for a colour-popping over-sized hoodie before you (or a Tignes Steezy) can say, ‘WTF are you wearing?’.


Yes, Fashionskistas want to blend in but they also live to stand out and earn your style approval. ‘Where did you get that jacket/hat/t-shirt/whatever?' is music to their when-in-Val fleece-muffed ears. They do bring style love to the slopes that may be lacking in other tribes. Would a Gnarly really want his/her thermals to be on full display at the Olympics like Henrik Harlaut (who manages to combine the cool of Steezy with the flamboyance of Fashionskista) or so awesomely patterned that you could wear them to apres  - and, hey, don't even need skipants?

As for finding their way, Fashionskistas are better than Techies with their latest iPhone apps – but, let's face it, a Fashionskista has an inborn GPS and could find their way blindfolded in a white out to the coolest ski shop in the resort.

A Fashionskista is anyone who has thought twice about putting last year’s jacket with this year’s pants. Whadya mean, last year’s ski jacket? Pass the Blue Tomato catalogue, paleese! And, guys it's ok to be in touch with your inner Fashionskista - style or kit wise. We know plenty of Fashionskista guys who are online right now  trying to decide on the definitive Winter 16/17 hoodie and Techie Fashionskistas whose quivers are groaning under the weight of past seasons' Skis/Boards Of The Year. Yes, you know who you are.

WHAT: This year’s anything. If someone else is wearing or riding it and looks good, then a Fashionskista has to have it. Or, ideally, wear/ride it first. 

WITH: Whatever, so long as it co-ordinates, Bikinis and boardpants? No probs for the Fashionskista girls of Mammoth Mountain (top).

HOW TO WEAR: Like everyone else in the resort. Only better.

BRANDS: Anything with style and/or function and with label cred (such as Roxy, above). Clearly, not Lidl, then.

LEAST LIKELY TO SAY:  ‘Extra luggage? Noooo, I just have my backpack.’

MOST LIKELY TO SAY:   ‘Whaaat? Thirty kilos? Is that all?’