Delancey Real Estate: Proud Sponsors of Snow Camp

Snow Camp is a charity for young people that delivers life-changing snowsports experiences through an accredited programme of courses presented at indoor snowdomes across the United Kingdom. Partnering with youth service providers across the country, Snow Camp’s courses are designed to be unique and attractive to young people, helping them on their journey from novice to qualified snowsports instructor within just one year through apprenticeship progression and volunteering routes. In addition to learning to ski or snowboard, participants also gain access to valuable life skills training, as well as mental health support.

Ashleigh is a Snow Camp Young Person. In a testimonial featured on the Snow Camp website, she explains that as someone with a chronic condition called CFS/ME as well as Asperger’s syndrome, getting involved with Snow Camp has been a life-changing opportunity, completely changing how she sees herself and enabling her to push herself further than she ever thought possible. Ashleigh says that Snow Camp was a welcome respite from her responsibilities at home, both emotionally and physically, explaining that she has found a profound passion for snowboarding and cannot wait to develop her skills further.

Over the past 16 years, Snow Camp’s ability to reach out to youth organisations and young people has grown, according to the organisation’s director, Dan Charlish. As the charity’s programmes have developed and established nationally, Snow Camp has started to expand its work, increasing its impact and providing young people across the United Kingdom with potentially life-changing opportunities to learn new skills and gain qualifications, ultimately paving the way for them to find exciting careers in an industry they may otherwise struggle to gain access to.

Committed to young people and partnerships, Snow Camp is increasingly collaborating with other organisations that share the organisation’s vision. Moving forward, this approach is predicted to grow, according to the charity’s annual report.

The Snow Camp 2019/2020 Annual Review revealed that the charity had faced challenges that year like no other, with the pandemic forcing a pause of all Excel Programmes. Indeed, as a result of COVID-19, it became impossible to continue to come together at snow centres to deliver programmes, forcing staff to transition to remote working practices. Nevertheless, Snow Camp continued to help young people throughout this challenging period, with staff adapting quickly to ensure the charity did everything it could.

To this end, Snow Camp created new online sessions for young people, enabling them to continue progressing with their studies and gain qualifications. Snow Camp’s Uplift mental health programme came into its own during this period, expanding to deliver many more group counselling and one-to-one sessions for young people, in addition to delivering workshops on a range of common challenges faced by young people at the time, including anxiety, sleep problems and loneliness.

Delancey Real Estate has been a proud sponsor of Snow Camp, providing vital funding for courses that change the lives of young people, combining intense youth work with snowsports to engage, motivate and challenge them. Snow Camp’s groundbreaking programming transforms young attitudes, behaviour and lives, enabling young people from underserved communities and demographics to build important life skills, gain qualifications and find employment in an exclusive industry.

Delancey Real Estate supports Snow Camp’s annual ski challenges. In 2022, the ‘Delanski’ team took to the mountains once more, attending the AJ Bell Crans-Montana Marathon. The team raised more than £20,000 for Snow Camp that year: the largest figure raised by any team. In February 2023, Delancey Chairman Jamie Ritblat agreed to finance another Delancey team’s attendance at the Snow Camp annual fundraiser.

Since its launch in 2003, Snow Camp has worked with 1,045 youth organisations, delivering 5,263 life skills training sessions and supporting 15,466 young people. To date, 23,427 new qualifications have been gained through Snow Camp’s programmes, with 96 percent of young people who complete their Snow Camp courses going on to further education, training, employment or other positive outcomes.

Delancey Real Estate: Corporate Social Responsibility

With a passion for real estate and an enthusiasm that goes far beyond the recognition that property can be an incredibly effective investment vehicle, Delancey Real Estate also operates with a consciousness of the huge impact that property development has on society.

The global population lives, works and relaxes in buildings that the real estate industry designs, plans and constructs. Market operators, therefore, have a responsibility to ensure that developments have a positive impact on society and the environment and that all stakeholders benefit from buildings, including consumers, tenants, partners, investors and the wider community.

Delancey Real Estate has been involved in the creation and management of numerous developments, operating with an overarching commitment to investing in built environments and working with residents with a view to create and maintain strong and vibrant communities. Delancey Real Estate prides itself in tailoring its activities to the evolving needs of communities, creating high-quality spaces for people to enjoy now, as well as benefiting future generations.