Panda Dual Vision Ski Goggles Review


Not only do Panda Optics Dual Vision ski / snowboard goggles have great vision and choice of lens but they are also, style-wise, very easy on the eye...

Panda Optics had me at the delivery of their new Dual Vision goggles. It's not often that you keep the packaging for your latest ski gear, but weeks after receiving my Panda goggles, I still have the glossy blue and pink striped box that they were delivered in.

And the goggles? Pure eye candy with ice blue strap and pink lenses, they unquestionably have style. 

But we all know it's not about style when it comes to ski goggles. If you can't see out of them in low vis and they fog up in the gondola, then you might as well bin them.

The Dual Vision goggles can be used with either a toric polarised lens, which mimics the curvature of a retina, or a cylindrical polarised lens, both fixing onto the frame via an easy eight point powerful magnetic lens change system. And, yep, it's as easy as it sounds, either lens just clicks on and remains firmly in place. 

They, also, have a frameless uber-wide field of vision, which for me, is a no-brainer advantage because I hated wearing goggles for years, feeling quite claustrophobic, until wrap around designs improved peripheral vision.

Oliver Heath, Managing Director of Panda Optics, explained the technology of the new goggles: "As our latest goggle release, the Dual Vision comes with several innovative feature upgrades. Most significantly is the reduced moulding frame on both the toric and cylindrical lens, contributing to a 20 percent increase in field of vision without adding to the goggle size."

The goggles, also, have an essential anti-fogging technology and are compatible with most helmets fitting seamlessly underneath so, phew, no gaper/ twat / punter gap.

I'm not surprised that Chemmy Alcott, GB's most successful female downhill racer, declares that they are her "favourite pair of goggles ever". And she must have worn a few. 

I'm pretty sure that the Dual Vision Blue goggles with mirrored hot pink toric UV400+ polarised lens will appeal more to women, but there are, also, the more macho Dual Vision Black goggles with mirrored red toric UV400+ polarised lens, below. Both have maize yellow low light HD lens included.

Panda Dual Vision ski goggles review

Available online, £160 at Panda Optics with free UK delivery for orders over £50.

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