Scott Blend Plus Integrated Helmet and Visor Review


The ISPO award winning SCOTT Blend Plus makes a ski helmet and visor combo finally look cool. Here's the heads up for why...

I was never a fan of visor helmets, which always seem a bit uncool. But I've been converted thanks to the SCOTT Blend Plus helmet and visor combo.

The fact that the SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet won an ISPO award was a sign that here is a combo that works both performance AND style wise. I actually got my ski mitts on one in January and have been wearing it ever since. 

Why is it my favourite new ski gear for this winter? Well, first of all, there's no more faff carrying (and remembering) both goggles and helmet. Even better, there is absolutely no danger of that gaper/twat gap between top of goggles and helmet. And I never again have to ask "are my goggle straight?".

And I love the way the visor clicks onto the helmet when you're not using it but pulls easily back down when needed. The cylindrically-shaped visor gives a wide field of vision and is, also, softly padded so it's not flat against your face, great for glass wearers because they can be kept on while skiing or snowboarding without pressure points under the visor helmet.

The field of vision is great although the visor with its padding would cover my nose if it were any bigger (I have a small face). Note, the helmet comes in three sizes so I went for the small, which does fit perfectly head-wise as it is easily adjustable via a dial.

"We set out on a mission to bust the myth that visor helmets cannot look cool.", is how Jozua Schiltz, Winter Helmets Product Manager at SCOTT, describes the approach to developing the SCOTT Blend Plus as a new breed of visor helmet. "Integrated visor ski helmets became popular because of their ease of use, an unparalleled field of vision, and the simplicity of carrying only one product. However, the design and the look were never their strong suit," Schiltz continued. "The SCOTT Blend Plus sets a new benchmark. It has all the benefits of an integrated visor helmet with a modern design and is super easy to use."

Thanks to light-sensitive technology, present on the Blend Plus LS it is not necessary to change lenses in different light conditions as the lens adapts automatically. The Amplifier technology, which has already proven itself in the ski goggles from SCOTT, is present on all the models and  also provides improved contrast.

And I can definitely vouch for this. I have worn the SCOTT Blend Plus with these lenses in low and high vis, flat light and sun, also skiing from sunlight to shade and had really good vision.

It, also, happens to work perfectly with our latest ski gadget, the Cardo comms unit and microphone, which fixes onto the helmet and chin strap.

Safety Note: The SCOTT Blend Plus features the Mips® safety system consisting of a low friction layer mounted inside the helmet. In a crash, the low friction layer is designed to move slightly inside the helmet to help redirect forces away from the head. This is intended to help reduce the risk of brain injury.

It retails for around £250.

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