High Five. Five Reasons Why Sass Fee is Highly Recommended

A ski descent of over 2000m vertical is one good reason to visit the scenic Sass-Fee in the Swiss Alps. Another is the fact that while other resorts can be snow deprived, Saas-Fee offers one of the longest snow-sure seasons in Europe.

Surrounded by 4000 peaks, which you can ski down with a mountain guide, Saas-Fee is up there as one of the most scenic, snow sure resorts in the Alps.

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Here are the top five reasons to visit Saas-Fee:

1) Excellent Skiing

One of the main reasons for visiting Saas-Fee is it offers excellent skiing, its high altitude and north-facing slopes making it snow sure for the winter season, so a huge advantage over lower, less snowy resorts in Europe.

Skiing at an altitude of between 2500m and 3500m, good snow is guaranteed especially since it's home to one of the most extensive glacier ski areas in the Alps. In addition, the two nearby ski areas, Saas-Almagell and Saas-Grund, which form part of the bigger area lift pass, offer decent variety to a fairly compact ski area. 

The slopes of Saas-Fee begin in the village at 1400m, extending to 3600m, making it one of the highest in Europe. It also offers skiing opportunities in summer. While it may not have the vast extent of mega resorts like Zermatt, if combined with the smaller ski resorts of Saas-Grund and Saas-Almagell, the entire area boasts a total of 150km of pistes.

At least three of the mighty 4000m mountains can be summitted and skied via some of the most epic ski tours with a mountain guide, image below..

Saas Fee
Image: NorthfaceAllalin-©SaastalTourismusAG-AmarcsterMedia

2) Snow Most of the Year 

Saas-Fee is one of the world's most snow-sure resorts, which means you can guarantee snow most of the year. Glacier skiing starts in mid-July and runs until late April each year, offering one of the world's longest ski seasons. Because of this, many people have decided to invest in rental chalets in Saas-Fee, meaning they can return here anytime throughout the year. 

Saas-Fee's 1800m altitude makes it one of the top high altitude resorts in Europe, ideal for resort-level snow for the entire ski season. Lifts climb up to 3600m, some of the highest in the Alps. But despite Saas-Fee's snow-sure reputation, the Saas Valley, which is on the same line of latitude as the Swiss town of Ascona, is also known for its sunny weather.

3) Stunning Scenery

The peaks boasting over 4000m surrounding the charming village, including the Dom, create picture postcard scenery.

Saas Fee
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Saas-Fee is not only one of the most picturesque villages in the Swiss mountain, but it’s also among the quietest and is car-free, which adds to its charm. In fact, it’s much more tranquil than its neighbour, Zermatt. 

You won't see big ski condos here, ruining the views. Chalets and apartments are built in the typical Swiss style with a great selection of accommodation plus numerous bars and restaurants, including the famous Drehrestaurant Allalin, a revolving restaurant serving Swiss and International cuisines. 

4) Something for the Whole Family 

There are numerous attractions and winter festivities in Saas-Fee, and off-slope activities are popular especially tobogganing. In fact, the entire area of Hannig Mountain and its gondola caters to tobogganers, cross-country skiers, winter walkers, and snowshoers. Aside from skiing, Saas-Fee offers opportunities for glacier-trekking, cross-country skiing, ice climbing, night sledging, snow-tubing, winter hiking, ice skating, and more.

Saas Fee hosts the Ice Climbing World Cup in January, a Carnival parade in February and the 41st Edition of the Allalin amateur races at the foot of the Allalinhorn on 24th and 25th March.

Saas Fee

No visit to Saas-Fee is complete without visiting Allalin, perched at an altitude of 3500m, the world's highest-revolving restaurant, image above. The restaurant is accessible even to non-skiers through the gondola and the underground Metro Alpin funicular. Dining at the restaurant will reward you with incredible views of the lofty 4000m peaks surrounding the village. During clear days, you can even catch a glimpse of Milan some 120km away.

Throughout the winter, you can participate in more adventures, such as an evening ride to the mountain onboard a slow-moving gondola with a fondue dinner served as you ascend. Also try sunrise skiing sessions or skiing under the full moon.

5) Beautiful Hikes

Located in the heart of the Alps, this beautiful Swiss village offers some of the world's most scenic hiking trails. In fact, hiking is one of the best ways to admire the views of Saas-Fee. The village boasts 350km of hiking trails, with varying scenery especially of the impressive peaks. There are many different trails from short day hikes to multi-day treks. 

One of the most famous hiking trails is the Allain, which starts at the world's tallest metro station, Metro Alpin. It begins at an altitude of 4027m above sea level, taking you through the different landscapes of the Swiss Alps.

There are easy trails that even young children can conquer. For instance, you can hike the road up to Spielboden, which showcases the beautiful views of Saas-Fee. Keep your eyes peeled for the tame marmots along the way.

Saas Fee