Driving Force: Snow Cab Transfers to and from Serre Chevalier Ski Resort

Snow Cab

How do you get to Serre Chevalier? Take a Snow Cab. With no official resort transport from the main airports, Turin and Grenoble, getting to and from Serre Chevalier can be quite a challenge via bus and train unless you hire a car. It's no wonder that Snow Cab have become the popular choice for visitors to the ski resort, transporting over 1000 guests a week

Co-Founder, Ben Hodson explains the road to success for Snow Cab, now the go-to transfer company for Serre Chevalier, recently recognised as the World's Best Ski Transfer Operator 2023, honoured by the prestigious World Ski Awards. This accolade celebrates Snow Cab's dedication to providing exceptional travel experiences in the European Alps, with a focus on the southern Alps region.

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How did Snow Cab start? And grow to the size it is now?

Snow Cab started out of a desire to just do a better job. Like many we had experienced bad transfer and travel experiences in this region and elsewhere. Your journey is the first and last experience on a holiday or adventure in the mountains. We all want these moments to be efficient, safe and comfortable.

We had been bringing lots of guests to the area through our sister company Go Montgenevre since 2006, transporting a large number of guests since 2008 and we launched the Snow Cab brand in 2012.

We have gone from transporting just 10 groups in our first year to now 10k+ guests a season. This growth has been down to word of mouth and consistently helping our guests get from ‘A to Ski’ and back again to trains, planes and destinations on time.

How many vans and drivers do you have? And coaches?

We have 12 vans ourselves, but plenty more professional drivers, extra vehicles and partners who help us ensure as seamless a service for our guests as possible.  We work with trusted coach parties for bigger groups and on peak routes and times. 

How many passengers do you have in your busiest week in the winter?

We have regularly transported over 1000 guests within a week. However, when the first pandemic lockdown occurred we helped over 1500+ guests get home to safety.

What fares do you charge for your regular trips eg Turin Airport?

We offer shared, shared-plus and private transfer options to most destinations. Prices for Serre Chevalier, start from 30€ per person from Turin and 60€ per person from Grenoble.

Most of our main prices are on our website, but best to chat to Dean and the team on info@snow.cab  We are happy to offer 10 percent discount off all our prices for your readers, just quote STYLE ALTITUDE23 when booking to get the discount.

Is there a regular weekend shared service that travellers can book to/from Turin?

Yes Saturdays we offer a regular shared service to Serre Chevalier from Turin and can often offer shared options on Sundays and other days but this depends on demand and group sizes.

What is the furthest anyone has asked you to take them? How long did it take and cost?

We have helped people go all over the Alps and European countries. However, recently we helped a group of people go from Megeve to Paris.  It took two drivers and a stopover, meaning two days of time. All our prices have a consistent model and once we have calculated depreciation, fuel, tolls, drivers time, wear and tear, on costs etc. we just have a small and consistent margin. 

But it does mean that trips like this can still come in very expensive and in the thousands.

Why have a cab business in France?

Our family connections to this area go back a long time, my grandfather, John, climbed the Barre des Ecrins as a young man almost 70 years ago.  Our families love of this area has been strong ever since and after lots of trips, holidays and property investments it has started to become home year round for some of us. 

When was the moment you decided to live in Serre Chevalier?

After co-founding the company and coming back and forth for decades, seven years ago my wife and I decided to live here full-time. We were sitting in a jacuzzi under the stars, surrounded by snow, drinking prosecco and wondering why we were about to go back to the grey and smog of the UK.

How did you survive work-wise during the pandemic?

We worked hard to pivot the businesses, Snow Cab did restaurant deliveries for a time and we built a much larger domestic travel trade, which still uses us now. We were, however, very excited when international travel recommenced and we could continue to help get people from train stations and airports to their destinations.

So now living the dream?

The whole Briançonnais area is our favourite place in the world and we love introducing people to it.  We live by the Clarée valley with our three kids, cat, and large Husky dog.